• Mystery Shopping your Customer Experience

  •  In this day and age, more people have access to the internet than ever before and there is no denying that this has changed the way that consumers interact with businesses. Instead of walking down the high street and visiting brick and mortar stores, whatever products or services consumers need nowadays, they are able to get online and this has caused lots of business owners to question whether mystery shopping is actually important anymore.  


    Simply put, the services provided by mystery shoppers remain relevant and they can still be invaluable to all businesses. Mystery shopping companies are continually changing to keep up with demand and services like online mystery shopping and social media mystery shopping are actually incredibly sought after. If you’re wondering why mystery shopping is just as important in this digital age as it has always been, keep reading today. 


    Flawless customer service is expected these days  


    Customers expect you to deliver exceptional customer service and on average, just shy of 100% of customers indicate that customer service influences their decision to stick with a brand. Without mystery shopping services, many businesses won’t be aware of the pitfalls in their customer service and their customers won’t return after their first experience with them.  


    No matter how your customers access your products or services, the level of customer service that they receive will influence their opinion of your business and, in turn, the chances of building a long term relationship with you. So, in order to make the most of each and every customer, mystery shoppers are required to improve customer service.  


    Every aspect of the customer journey is scrutinised 


    Businesses moving online, so to speak, has provided customers with more ways to interact with them and they need to ensure that no matter how a customer experiences their business, the journey they have is positive. A mystery shopper can help them to do so and they can carry out a number of assignments to provide an insight into all aspects of the customer journey.  


    The overall experience that a customer has with your business is just as important as it has always been and they will be passing judgement on every single interaction they have with you. For this reason, a frictionless experience is essential and mystery shopping services will help to ensure that no part of your customer journey is hindering your business.  


    Reputation is incredibly easy to damage  


    More so than ever, customers aren’t afraid to complain if they’re unhappy with the products or services that they have received and they will only be willing to pay for the very best. If they weren’t working with mystery shoppers to ensure that they are delivering what their customers have come to expect of them, many businesses’ reputations would be tarnished.  


    Whether unhappy customers are leaving damaging online reviews or spreading negative options via word of mouth, they can prevent you from being successful. So, it is essential to continually please your customers and the unbiased, honest appraisal from a mystery shopper can help you to ensure that you are.  


    Competition is bigger than ever before  


    With a growing number of start-ups in all industries, customers have an abundance of businesses to choose from when they require specific products or services. Staying relevant and standing out from the competition for all of the right reasons would be much more difficult without the services provided by mystery shoppers.  


    You can no longer solely rely on price to help you win over customers and many demand more meaningful interactions with businesses that centre around experience. Learning more about your competitors will help you to ensure customers know what really sets you apart and a mystery shopper can open your eyes to what makes you unique.  


    Looking into mystery shopping in the UK  


    All in all, it is fair to say that even though lots of consumers will visit online stores rather than brick and mortar shops and ask questions via email rather than picking up the phone, mystery shopping remains just as important as it has always been. The range of mystery shopping services available can be undeniably beneficial to all businesses across various industries and moving into the ‘digital age’ hasn’t changed this.  


    If you have any questions at all about working with a mystery shopper or the services available for mystery shopping in the UK, be sure to contact our team here at Proinsight. We are an experienced mystery shopping company and we provide a huge range of useful services to clients in a number of different sectors, so there is no one better to turn to in this regard. Our experts will gladly discuss the advantages of mystery shopping with you in much more detail and they will provide you with everything you need to know about mystery shopping in the UK.