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  • Why Mystery Shopping In The Leisure And Entertainment Industry Is Popular


    Unlike other job roles, one of the biggest advantages of becoming a mystery shopper isn’t the extra income and although you can earn a living carrying out mystery shopping assignments, there is much more to mystery shopping than money. Many choose to become a mystery shopper because this type of work is like no other and you will get to enjoy various different experiences throughout your time working for a mystery shopping company.


    As businesses from a wide range of industries use mystery shopping services nowadays, the assignments that you will get to complete as a mystery shopper are incredibly varied and no two days will be the same. Some industries are considered to be more fun than others to carry out assignments for though and the leisure and entertainment industry is one of the most popular. Below we have looked into some of the main reasons why so many mystery shoppers apply for assignments within this particular industry.


    Enjoy a free family day out


    The majority of mystery shopping assignments that fall under the leisure and entertainment industry will be a day out that can be enjoyed by the whole family. On the contrary to conventional mystery shops that entail popping into a retail store and buying an item, for example, these types of assignments will usually involve an activity and you will have the opportunity to try out lots of different activities during your time as a mystery shopper.


    Here at Proinsight, our team of mystery shoppers have delivered mystery shops for places like Lane7 and Buckmore Park, and they have been able to enjoy lots of the fun activities that they offer. Although you will still be required to complete a detailed report and provide useful feedback after completing the assignment, during the mystery shop itself, you can enjoy yourself and mystery shopping assignments in this industry really won’t feel like ‘work’.


    Improve the experience for other families


    By carrying out a mystery shopping assignment, whether this involves a game of bowling or a round of mini-golf, you can help local businesses to improve their customer experience. The impartial feedback that you provide will be invaluable to businesses in the leisure and entertainment industry, and the insight that you give into the journey you experienced will help them to make beneficial improvements moving forward.


    The changes that businesses make based on the feedback that you provide will help them to better their services for other families in the future and their whole experience will be more enjoyable. Similarly, if you had fun during your mystery shopping assignment and you want to return to the business again, you’re likely to have a better experience the second time around thanks to the thoughts and opinions you expressed during your feedback.


    Ensure local businesses are successful


    As a mystery shopper, you have an opportunity to make a real difference to businesses in the local area and your mystery shopping assignments can directly influence their success. Simply put, by using your feedback to improve their services, businesses in the leisure and entertainment industry will be more likely to remain relevant and competitive. This will result in them attracting more families and increasing their profit.


    When you help local businesses to continue being successful, they will be more likely to keep their doors open and provide fun experiences to families for many years. So, you won’t have to worry about your local bowling alley or go-karting track closing down and being left with nowhere to go with your family for a day out. The mystery shopping assignments you complete can have much more of an impact than you may initially realise.


    Becoming a mystery shopper


    Ultimately, it is easy to see why mystery shopping in the leisure and entertainment industry is so popular and it is no surprise that lots of mystery shoppers complete the application process when new assignments appear on their dashboard. If you’re interested in becoming a mystery shopper, then it is fair to say that these types of mystery shops are always worth applying for.


    Here at Proinsight, we are always looking for new mystery shoppers to join our team and you can register online via our website today if you think that mystery shopping sounds like something you’d enjoy. We are proud to be a well-established and trusted mystery shopping company, and we work alongside a number of clients in the leisure and entertainment industry, so we have lots of exciting assignments for our mystery shoppers to apply for. If you have any questions at all about joining our team, feel free to get in touch with us today.

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