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  • What Qualities Should a Mystery Shopper Have?


     Whether you’re just leaving education and you’re trying to decide what you’d like to do for a career or you’ve been stuck in the same role for years and you’re searching for something new, it goes without saying that there are a number of different jobs to choose from.  

     Often, when choosing between the vast range of job roles available, many will overlook mystery shopping and this is usually because they don’t actually realise that it exists. Becoming a mystery shopper isn’t just a brilliant way to earn money, but it also gives you the opportunity to make a real difference to businesses in your local area too. This incredibly flexible job role is definitely one that everyone should consider when looking for full or part-time work.  

     If you don’t know much about mystery shopping and you’re wondering whether you’d be any good at this type of job, keep reading today. Below we have listed some of the main qualities all mystery shoppers should have.  

    Be able to follow instructions

    When you become a mystery shopper, no two days will be the same and you will complete a vast range of different mystery shopping assignments. Contrary to popular belief, you won’t just be going into retail stores, there are so many different types of mystery shopping and a vast range of businesses that use these services too. Every assignment will be different and it is important that you’re able to follow instructions and meet the clients’ needs in this regard.  

    Be an organised person

    You will be in control of your workload as a mystery shopper and you can apply for as many different assignments as you’d like, but in order to be successful, you must be able to manage these assignments and your time efficiently. It is so important to ensure that you’re meeting all visits and feedback due dates, and every assignment you complete should be done so to the highest standard, so being organised will undoubtedly be beneficial.  

    Be friendly, confident and inquisitive

     It is highly likely that on every single mystery shopping assignment you will be interacting with other people, so you really need to be friendly. Confidence is also important and asking people questions shouldn’t be something that you’re afraid to do, ideally, you should feel comfortable holding a conversation with a stranger. Being able to find out the information that a client wants to know is a vital part of the job and being inquisitive can be really helpful in this regard as well.  

    Be able to remember small details 

    After every mystery shopping assignment, you will have to write feedback for the client and it is imperative that you include as much useful information in this as possible, so having a good memory is a must. Due to the fact that you need to come across as a normal customer, you will have to remember even the smallest details, such as whether the customer service person was smiling, without writing them down. These small details are often the most important to clients.  

    Be completely honest

    When paying for a mystery shopper service, businesses will be looking to find things out about their company from a customer’s point of view, so it is essential that you can provide this information and being honest with your feedback is essential. You can’t just make things up when you’re a mystery shopper and the detailed report that you provide will be used to better a company, so you shouldn’t be subjective or biased in any way at all.  

    Finding local mystery shop jobs

    All in all, if you can relate to the qualities listed above, then it is likely that you have what it takes to become a mystery shopper and this could be the perfect job role for you. It is undeniably worthwhile looking into this line of work in more detail and with the right agency supporting you, you could quickly become an incredibly successful and sought-after mystery shopper. So, definitely don’t rule out mystery shopping just because you don’t know much about it. 

     If mystery shopping sounds like something you’d enjoy, be sure to visit the Proinsight website today. As a well-established and trusted mystery shopping agency, we are the best people to turn to when looking for mystery shopper jobs. We work with companies across the UK in a variety of different industry sectors, so we’ve got a range of assignments for you to choose from. When you reach out to us regarding mystery shopper jobs, we have a friendly team who are here to help you every step of the way and you can benefit from our Shopper Academy too. So, don’t hesitate to contact us today to find out more.  

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