• Mystery Shopping your Customer Experience

  • At Proinsight, it’s been shouted about over the week that the team is expanding and Proinsight is on the hunt for some new talent to join our amazing team!




    Before you commit to clicking that apply now button, we wanted to share some of the great reasons as to why it’s the best decision to make! And what better way than to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth… Employees of Proinsight and the big man himself David!


    So, let’s dive straight in with Hannah who started working with us back January 2019 and most recently got a promotion to Operations director here at Pro.


    “I love the people!”


    “It’s a real privilege to be able to come into work each morning and be with a team that share, believe, and thrive living the same values as I do. The gang at Pro are really second to none – that’s right from the team in the office, our Quality Control team that work from home, our partners, and our Shoppers, too! They help the business develop each day as well as myself too. The culture and energy we have at Proinsight, where everyone involved is working collaboratively to provide excellent insights to our clients, is amazing – that’s what gets me up in the morning.


    My three fav employee benefits are:


    * A super office space next to London Bridge Station, around 5mins from Borough Market

    * Quarterly strategy days

    * Experience in a small business where you can really make a difference “


    A great insight from our Insight manager Fern (see what we did there ?)  

    Fern has been with us since early June 2022 and say “The main thing I love about Proinsight is the teamwork – everyone puts in a hard graft, and we celebrate everyone’s achievements. It feels really great to be ‘seen’, knowing you are appreciated for the work you put in. We are definitely ‘yes’ people and like a challenge! Hybrid flexible working is also high on the list and really suits me, giving me a good balance of office and home working. The office is also pet friendly which is great for the days that I can’t arrange a doggy sitter!”


    Enjoying every moment with Hugh!

    Whilst I have only been at Proinsight for four months, I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. The team have been extremely welcoming from the very first day, which allowed me to settle in quickly. Not only this, but as everyday is filled with a new and exciting task, I feel like time flies as I’m always engaged with a different shopper! Overall, my time at Proinsight has flown by and I cannot wait to see what the future holds!


    A summarisation from our Account manager Jess!

    Jess Joined us early May 2022 and has some great things to say,


    “My short and sweet summarisation of why I love working with Proinsight is the people by people I mean Team ?, it makes such a huge difference when your surrounded by a good supportive team who work hard but also now how to have FUN! This brings me to my second point, there is always space to have fun within pro, whether it’s joining in on the excitement of mystery shops, heading out early on a Friday for end of months champions club to celebrate our wins (no matter how big or small!) and getting to venture out on days out each quarter, because well we deserve it. “


    Programme Coordinator Jack sums it up nicely with,

    “I have been at Proinsight for 9 Months now and have loved every minute of it. There is always a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere in the office, and everyone is always down for a few beers after work!  At the same time, we all group together when needed and work well together.”


    Account Manager Paige who was another great candidate to the mix in May 2022.

    “There are so many reasons to love Proinsight”


    “I recently moved across the world from South Africa to London and Proinsight has made me feel right at home.

    My favourite part of working for Proinsight has been the collaborative culture, the flexible working, and the supportive team.”


    Our Operations Manager Antonio “Culture is next to none”

    “I love working at Proinsight; the culture is next to none, and the people are all brilliantly talented. I really couldn’t ask for a better business to be part of.

    We have had the pleasure of Antonio now for 1 whole year, since starting back in 2021! “


    Claire gives us the down low from Scotland!

     “I have been working with Pro now since April 2022. I love the flexibility with being able to work from home but, knowing I have the team on group chat or zoom means I don’t miss out on the best bits of teamwork. When you have fun being at work it really doesn’t feel like work!


    Working for Pro is fun, the team are all super helpful and energetic team and I have been made so welcome ?”


    Up next, we find out from Chloe who is another one coming in with a recent promotion to Business Development Director AND, Is well settled within the team because she is 5 years in and still going strong!


    “When faced with any challenges, we pull together as a team to make things happen.”


    My favourite thing about working at Proinsight is our can-do attitude, when faced with any challenges, we pull together as a team to make things happen. This allows us to be innovative and always meet our clients needs, meaning we are constantly evolving as a business.

    I also love how we have always been encouraged to be authentic by our mentors and leaders, being able to show up everyday as myself is what gets me up everyday and makes each day enjoyable. “


    Bubbly and quirky Programme Co-ordinator Siobhan – Joined the expanding team June 2022 and already has some great things to dish our way by saying,

    “I love working with all the team at Proinsight and love the camaraderie that we have along with our flexible and fun working atmosphere


    Choosing to work with Proinsight was one of the best decisions I have ever made and would highly recommend applying to join the crew!”


    The lovely Marcia, our key to all to things Support and the queen of client set ups, joined us with her infectious personality and bringing us all the treats mid-way through the year June 2022.


    Giving it to us straight and says, “The office has a great atmosphere.”


    And finally, the one, the only, it’s the man himself DAVID!!


    David has been here from the get-go, starting up the business back in 2014 and really wanted to share his experience and thoughts as to why being at Proinsight is more than just a job.


    “I’m one of the lucky ones, I honestly get up and look forward to my working day. It’s a gift when you are getting paid for doing something you genuinely enjoy, this is when a job is TRUELY more than just a job.

    The best bit about working at Proinsight for me are the super talented & hardworking team that I work with every day, the appreciative clients & the amazing partners that make each day better than the last.

    I love the culture and reputation that we’ve built together across the last 8 years. We are looking forward to finding new talented team members to join our growing team in the coming months, reach out to one of the team or myself to find out more.”


    We now bring you to a close, but with a takeaway of Fun, culture, team working, supportiveness and Fun being the key indicators within Proinsight, and genuinely showing that we deliver to our promise of core values, having heard it from the team themselves!


    We hope to see you soon and look forward to welcoming you to team PROINSIGHT!