• Mystery Shopping your Customer Experience


    What are Customer Surveys? 

    Customer Surveys give you the opportunity to gather feedback from your current or past customers to find out what they really think about you. These are normally sent out via email at different touchpoints along the customer journey – I’m sure we’ve all seen them before!  


    Why do I need them? 

    Customer Surveys are like gold dust when it comes to providing valuable insight about your business. These surveys allow you to understand what’s working well and what’s working not so well, allowing you to improve and grow as a business.  

    In 2022, 73% of UK consumers consider themselves “loyal” to certain retailers, brands, and stores — just 55% said the same in 2021. This shows that brands need to continue to invest in their CX strategies to maintain their customers – it’s so much easier to keep your existing customers, than it is to gain new ones!  

    At Proinsight we can create and launch customer surveys where you can easily measure and most importantly, act on your customer’s feedback.  


    What are the benefits? 

    • Your customers will feel heard  
    • You’ll know what’s working  
    • You’ll know where you need to improve 
    • You’ll be able to track your progress over time  
    • You can make informed decisions  
    • You will find new opportunities  

    And many more..  


    How can I get started?! 

    Get in touch today to find out more about how we can work together to launch your Customer Surveys.