• Mystery Shopping your Customer Experience

  • The Legendary Proinsight’s Champions club is an end-of-month celebration of the team members who have exceeded their personal targets for the month. We wrap up and leave the office just after lunch on a Friday and take part in something enriching, the club has included events like cocktails at the top of the shard, to gaming under the railway arches in Southwark.


    The activities are chosen entirely on what each team enjoys so that a mix is provided to all, it becomes a great way to see different strengths and teamwork outside of a work environment.


    The team members are always in for mystery (no pun intended ?) each month, what could it be next? rage rooms (a chance to let off some steam!)


    Does everyone benefit?

    Now most of you may think well not everyone gets to enter the champions club so how does this benefit everyone? Well, those who don’t manage to achieve their end-of-month target still get to join us for drinks and celebrate their month’s success, giving a chance for all to switch off and have fun so that no one entirely misses out (we aren’t that mean!)


    What does the team enjoy about Champions club?

    • Champions Club is a Proinsight tradition that is LOVED, it’s a way for us to pause the clock and celebrate each other’s successes. From cocktail-making classes to virtual reality fun. The possibilities are endless!
    • Getting to know colleagues better and being able to just switch things up. It is great to be out of the office and have a moment of enjoyment and even find out new skills you never knew you had.
    • A great start to the weekend
    • Every month is a mystery and I look forward to achieving next month to find out what’s next!
    • Nice to be rewarded and spend time with the team


    Keep watch for what team Proinsight gets up to next because remember every month a mystery ?