• Mystery Shopping your Customer Experience

  • ‘Voice Of The Customer’ – It’s Time to Listen


    With customer service and user experience more important than ever before, businesses from all industries are starting to work with mystery shopping companies. From brick and mortar stores in the retail industry to pubs and restaurants in the hospitality industry, businesses of all shapes and sizes can learn so much from using different mystery shopping services.


    Commonly, whether a business is using a traditional face-to-face mystery shopping service or a more modern online mystery shopping service, the feedback provided by a professional mystery shopper would be in a written format. However, there is another option for all businesses to consider these days; ‘voice of the customer feedback’. If you’re interested in working with an experienced mystery shopping company and you’d like to learn more about this new type of feedback, keep reading today.


    What is ‘voice of the customer feedback’?


    Aptly named, voice of the customer feedback is a type of feedback that is provided in video format. The mystery shopper who completed the required shop will record a ‘selfie’ video which will then be uploaded onto a reporting platform for you to watch. The length of this video will differ from assignment to assignment and its contents will be tailored towards your business and what you were hoping to get out of this particular mystery shopping job.


    How does this feedback differ from other mystery shopping feedback?


    As mentioned above, the feedback provided after a mystery shop is usually written feedback and a mystery shopper will complete a survey form which will then be uploaded onto your client dashboard. So, when you use voice of the customer feedback, instead of having to read through the comments written by a mystery shopper, you can watch a short video instead and hear all about their first-hand experience with your business.


    What are the advantages of this type of mystery shopper feedback?


    One of the biggest advantages of voice of the customer feedback is that it allows mystery shoppers to provide businesses with more personal feedback. Filming themselves enables them to easily express their honest thoughts and opinions about the mystery shop that they have just completed, and the feedback they provide will be much more beneficial for your business.


    In addition to this, voice of the customer feedback helps to prevent any miscommunication or misinterpretation that sometimes occurs with written feedback. A mystery shopper will talk directly to you about how their interactions with your business made them feel and what they might want to change about your services, for example, ensuring that their feedback is clear and concise, so you know exactly what you need to do to improve.


    Generally speaking, it is often much easier for mystery shoppers to get across everything that they think will be useful to your business when they’re recording video feedback rather than simply completing a prepopulated survey form too. They won’t have a script to follow, so to speak, and they can touch upon different aspects of their experience with your business, ensuring nothing important is overlooked or not mentioned.


    Working with a mystery shopping company in the UK


    Ultimately, if you’re planning to use some of the services provided by a mystery shopping company, then it is definitely worthwhile asking to receive voice of the customer feedback rather than traditional written feedback. This type of feedback really can help you to get the most out of your mystery shops and it will ensure that the whole mystery shopping process is as beneficial as possible to your business both now and in the future.


    Should you be searching for a mystery shopping company in the UK that offers a range of mystery shopping services, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Proinsight today. We offer businesses from all industries a comprehensive portfolio of mystery shopping services and we will gladly create a bespoke package that is suitable for your business. When creating this package, you have the ability to add voice of the customer feedback and you will easily be able to access any feedback you receive via our online portal. If you have any questions about us as a mystery shipping company or how we can assist you, feel free to contact our team.