• Mystery Shopping your Customer Experience

  • Utilita enter 2nd year of partnership with Proinsight

    Utilita are on a mission to help households use and waste less energy, allowing their customers to save money and be in control of their energy usage. Utilita have broken the mould with their launch of high street energy hubs where consumers can pop in for energy-saving advice and top up their energy credit.

    Proinsight are proud to be supporting their unique journey by sending mystery shoppers into the high street hubs to measure how employees excel in 4 key areas: the enquiry, resolution, recommendation and exceeding the customers expectations.

    Head of Energy Hubs, Helen Kyne told us the importance of measuring the customer experience delivered in the hubs: ‘It’s vital as a business that we provide a first-class service to customers entering our Hubs. Working with Proinsight allows us to see in detail what we are doing really well and what areas we can improve on. Covid regulations became very much part of the customer service experience last year not only ensuring the customer is satisfied with the service received but ensuring they felt safe in our Hubs and Proinsight were instrumental in assisting us in capturing this.’


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