• Mystery Shopping your Customer Experience

  • It’s a huge misconception that mystery shopping is designed to catch out employees and highlight any mistakes they’re making. The truth is that mystery shop audits are a positive tool that can provide valuable feedback to both companies and employees. 


    The ultimate goal of mystery shopping is to improve the customer experience. This can be done by identifying areas where employees are excelling, enabling managers to acknowledge and reward team members, and also by providing constructive feedback to employees, helping them improve their skills and become more effective in their roles.  


    Lots of companies are starting to use mystery shop audits to identify areas where employees may need further training or improvement and create new learning and development programmes. Below we have explored how mystery shopping can be used to support and improve the different programmes that companies have implemented for employees. 


    Identifying Gaps in Knowledge and Skills 


    Mystery shopping can help you to identify gaps in employee knowledge and skills. By observing and evaluating the interactions between your team members and your customers, mystery shoppers can determine where employees are excelling and where they may need further training and support. This information can then be used to develop your learning and development programmes to focus on specific areas that are lacking. 


    Tailoring Training Sessions to Meet Specific Needs 


    Once gaps in knowledge and skills have been identified, training sessions can be tailored to meet current needs. Mystery shopping provides a wealth of information about the customer experience, including where employees may be struggling to meet customer needs. This information can be very useful when you’re creating new training sessions for your team and you can ensure that your programmes are more effective overall.  


    Measuring the Effectiveness of Programmes 


    Mystery shopping services can also be used to measure the effectiveness of any new programmes you introduce. By conducting mystery shops before and after training, you can determine whether employees have improved their knowledge and skills as a result of the training. This can be a useful tool for measuring the ROI of learning and development programmes and determining whether they are worth the resources you’ve invested. 


    Providing Positive Feedback to Employees 


    Often companies will overlook this, but mystery shopping can also be used as a tool for providing feedback to employees. Instead of using mystery shopping solely as an evaluation tool, companies can use it to provide employees with positive feedback about their performance. This can be a powerful motivator for employees, as they can see how their actions directly impact the customer experience. 


    Incorporating Mystery Shopping into Learning and Development Programmes 


    When incorporating mystery shopping into your learning and development programmes, you need to identify any specific areas you want to evaluate. From customer service to sales techniques and product knowledge, there are several different areas that a mystery shopping audit team can provide you with insights about.  


    Once you’ve decided which areas you’d like to focus on, an experienced agency can develop a mystery shopping program that evaluates employee performance in these areas. Mystery shoppers can then provide invaluable feedback from the customer’s perspective, which can be used to develop more effective training programmes. 


    Speak to an Expert About Mystery Shop Audits  


    Overall, mystery shopping isn’t just designed to catch out staff. It can lead to improvements in employee training and ultimately, business success. If you’d like to speak to a mystery shopping agency about how mystery shop audits can be used to support learning and development programmes within a company, contact our team at Proinsight today.  


    We provide a wide range of mystery shopping services, from face-to-face mystery shopping to telephone mystery shopping, and we can help you to get under the skin of your day-to-day operations. Our expert team has lots of experience helping companies incorporate mystery shopping into their learning and development programmes. We can help you to improve the overall effectiveness of your training sessions, ensuring you’re providing employees with all of the tools they need to succeed.