• Mystery Shopping your Customer Experience

  • The DIY industry has grown at a rapid rate over the past few years and so many homeowners are now carrying out home improvement projects by themselves. Whilst previously, many would call an expert for some professional assistance, these days homeowners are picking up a toolbox and carrying out work around the house. DIY is a trend that is here to stay and the projects homeowners are attempting are predicted to get more and more complicated.   


    Whilst the increase in DIY projects is great news for builders merchants and other home improvement retailers, it has also led to an increase in stores offering DIY supplies and construction materials. Having more competition can make it harder for businesses to stand out from the crowd and it’s highly recommended that DIY retailers start working with a mystery shopping company. There are a wide variety of mystery shopper services that can benefit businesses in the DIY retail industry, including;   


    Online mystery shopping services 


    When the majority of your business comes through your website, online mystery shopping services are undeniably beneficial. By visiting your website, placing an order like any other customer would and providing you with feedback about their online experience, a mystery shopper can help you to understand how well your online store is performing. 


    It’s really common for homeowners to order DIY supplies and building materials online, so you need to ensure your website is accessible, easy to use and meets your customers’ needs. Unfortunately, if your online store is underperforming, you will lose customers to your competitors and the online space is even more competitive than the high street.  


    Face-to-face mystery shopping services 


    The brick-and-mortar shopping experience is still important in this particular sector and when you own a physical home improvement store, you should use face-to-face mystery shopping services. A mystery shopper can open your eyes to any aspects of your in-store experience that are letting you down, providing you with the opportunity to improve them.  


    Customer service is key in every retail store, but in the DIY industry, customers have certain expectations. To prevent missed sale opportunities, it’s essential that your employees are knowledgeable and helpful, and that they have the capabilities to support the shopping experience. Mystery shopping will give you an insight into your training needs, enabling you to develop the skills of your team to increase customer satisfaction.  


    Telephone mystery shopping services 


    It isn’t uncommon for prospective customers to call builders merchants before placing an order, they will enquire about a wide range of different products and check stock levels. Regardless of their reason for calling, you need to be able to meet your customers’ needs over the phone and telephone mystery shopping services can help you do so.  


    When a mystery shopper calls your business and then provides you with honest feedback about their interactions with your team, you will have a better understanding of how well your employees handle incoming calls. This will give you the opportunity to ensure that the customer experience is as good over the phone as it is in person.  


    Competitor mystery shopping services 


    To ensure your business remains relevant and competitive, you need to learn more about what other DIY retailers are doing well and what they’re not so great at. Competitor mystery shopping services can provide you with the insight you need into your competitors, helping you to determine what you can offer customers that others can’t.  


    As more homeowners try DIY and more home improvement retailers open their doors, knowing what sets you apart can help to prevent you from getting left behind in a saturated market. Market research programmes can also be invaluable and analysing the information gained by a variety of methodologies will drive strategic decisions for business growth.  


    Booking mystery shopper services in the UK  


    Should you own a builders merchant or another home improvement store and you’re interested in mystery shopping, be sure to contact us at Proinsight. We specialise in mystery shopper services in the UK and we take the time to understand the nuts and bolts below the surface, making us a trusted partner. You can turn to us for assistance in confidence knowing our mystery shoppers provide well-rounded and honest feedback, and we will ensure you have the information you need to elevate your business. Our mystery shopping packages are always tailored to our client’s individual needs too and we pride ourselves on efficiently delivering results.