• Mystery Shopping your Customer Experience

  • The housing and building sector is incredibly varied. Yet, whilst businesses in this sector offer different products and services, there is one thing they all have in common; the need to provide an exemplary service. More so than ever before, customers demand meaningful interactions with businesses and customer experience is important across the board. The future success of any business is in each unique customer experience and these days, mystery shop audits are frequently used to help businesses engineer their customer experience.  


    Below we have looked into some of the different types of businesses within this particular sector that can benefit from using mystery shopping services and how mystery shop audits can improve customer satisfaction.  


    Help companies sell their homes 


    Mystery shopping is frequently used to help companies sell properties and mystery shop audits can cover all aspects of the sales journey. From telephone mystery shopping to face-to-face mystery shopping, a range of services can be used to gain a useful real-time insight into any areas of the customer journey that require improvement.  


    Using mystery shopping services, companies can ensure that no opportunities are being missed and they can make required changes to improve the end-to-end home buying service they provide. Customer satisfaction remains to be of the utmost importance, so focusing on your customer journey is key if you want to make a sale.  


    Improve maintenance and repair services  


    Maintenance and repair services are a crucial part of the housing sector, and they’re heavily relied upon. However, it is still essential to provide outstanding customer service and there are several competitor companies that you can easily lose customers to if you’re not providing the efficient and reliable service that customers have come to expect.  


    Mystery shop audits can be used to help businesses that provide maintenance and repair services, from plumbers to heating engineers. For example, online mystery shopping services can be used to assess the customer journey from the first point of contact and contractors can even be sent to mystery shopper homes to measure how well they deal with enquiries.  


    Reduce vacant rental office spaces  


    Mystery shop audit services can also be used to help organisations that lease commercial properties. The process of renting vacant office spaces, for example, can be lengthy and it’s important to ensure your team is doing all they can to close the sale.  


    In addition to traditional mystery shopping services, using competitor shops can help you to understand what sets you apart from the competition and also which areas you need to improve. The serviced office market, in particular, is incredibly competitive nowadays and if you’re trying to fill vacant serviced offices, competitor shops can help you to ensure that from start to finish, you’re providing the best customer experience.  


    Develop property management services 


    Some companies in the housing sector have long-lasting relationships with their customers and to ensure these customers remain satisfied, they need to provide an excellent customer experience. Mystery shop audits can help property management companies improve customer satisfaction and continue to fulfil their customer’s expectations.  


    Several mystery shopping services can benefit property management companies and market research programmes can be insightful too. Learning more about what services customers really want/need will help you to ensure you’re meeting their requirements. Market research can drive strategic decisions for business growth. 


    Working with a mystery shopping agency  


    Should you be searching for a mystery shopping agency that has experience in the housing sector, feel free to contact our team at Proinsight today. We have worked closely with retailers like Legal & General, office providers like Fora and service providers like Pimlico Plumbers to help them understand how well they are performing on a day-to-day basis. 


    Here at Proinsight, we pride ourselves on providing honest and objective feedback through mystery shops that can be used to aid business success. Our mystery shopping programmes are proven to deliver results and every project we work on is unique. We’ve built a vast portfolio of mystery shopping services that enable us to provide the comprehensive mystery shop audits our clients need, and we will work in partnership with you to help you get the results you need.