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  • Our Story

    Our Story

    Our Managing Director, David Hopkins, has a long history in the business of doing good business. After co-founding a leisure consulting company called Proleisure LLP in 2008, David saw a real need in the broader market for better customer insight and launched Proinsight in 2014. After six exceptional years helping our clients deliver excellence in their own businesses, we are now a leading specialist provider of mystery shopping, auditing and research programmes for a wide variety of sectors here in the UK.

    Our team

    Our team are as diverse and exciting as our mystery shops and, without blowing their trumpets too much, they’re all awesome. We believe that our team needs to have practical operational experience in business as well as being fantastic, vibrant human beings. This means we really do get the challenges our clients face because we’ve been there and done it ourselves.

    David Hopkins
    Founder & Managing Director

    Having held senior manager positions at both David Lloyd and GLL, David founded Proinsight and is the business’ Managing Director. David is obsessed with customer experience, having built over 100 customer experience programmes for our clients. When he’s not running round after his twins he can be found on a badminton court or hacking his way round a golf course.

    Chloe Kinch
    Head of Business Development

    Chloe joined us as an Account Manager in August 2017. Prior to Proinsight, Chloe had worked as National Sales Manager for Parkwood Leisure and has vast experience in the leisure industry. She will be responsible for looking after many of our clients and helping them get the most out of their mystery shopping programmes. Her infectious laugh and quiet wit keep the office staff alive with anticipation.

    Hannah Weekes
    Head of Operations

    Hannah joined us in January 2019 with a history of working in the leisure industry in various leadership roles behind her. She’d met the Proinsight team through these previous roles having used their mystery shopping services and even became a Mystery Shopper of ours too! Hannah runs Proinsight’s day to day operations, working with our Programme Coordinator and Quality Control team. A keen dancer in her youth, but due to injury can’t continue this professionally still to this day can never say ‘”no” to a ‘boogie’ on the dancefloor.’

    Ben Elwood
    Business Development Exec

    Ben is our newest Business Development Executive. In his spare time you’ll often find him on a squash court or on a football pitch, with a real winning mentality. It’s his first job in London and he’s very keen to make his mark on the city.

    Tom Walton
    Team Leader

    Tom is one of our Team Leaders. Whilst also being a semi-professional rower he also holds a Master’s degree in Applied Marine Science. Coming from an athletic-competitive background, Tom is always ready for a challenge!

    Louis Sharkey
    Team Leader

    Louis joined Proinsight as Team Leader in early 2020, and enjoys setting himself up for new challenges. A lover of language, Louis spent two years in Bolivia teaching English, and has a Master’s Degree in Documentary Production. Away from work Louis can be found rolling on the gym mats practicing Brazillian jiu-jitsu, or hosting games nights with his housemates.

    Abir Eniad
    Programme Coordinator

    Abir is one of the newest additions to the Pro Team, taking on the role of Programme Coordinator! Recently graduating from the University of Westminster she’s looking forward to the start of working life. You’ll often catch her working out or enjoying Iraqi cuisine.

    Antonio Buhagiar
    Programme Coordinator

    Antonio has joined Proinsight straight out of university after studying Business Management at the University of Leicester. He’s a keen football fan and won’t let you forget the year Liverpool won the league. As an avid gym goer you’ll often find him in his spare time working out, but hopefully the attraction of London nightlife doesn’t hinder his gains!

    Lewis Wheeler
    Programme Coordinator

    Lewis is one of our new Ops Team members, having recently moved from his sleepy countryside village to the big city he’s eager to start developing a career of his own. He spends most his time either in the gym or on the rugby pitch. He completed A-levels in Sport Science and Business Management in 2018, but has been working in a sales environment since 2016. He’s hoping to put his over competitiveness to good use with Proinsight and start smashing these targets!

    George Knowles
    Proinsight Team Apprentice

    We’re super excited to have our first Proinsight apprentice! He’s recently left school and is super excited to be working at Proinsight. In his spare time, you’ll often find him dispatching opponents around a snooker table or enjoying the sunshine on a tennis court.

    Ashleigh Harvey
    Client Services Support Exec

    Ashleigh is a South African copywriter living in London. She joined ProInsight in 2019, and after spending some time with the Quality Control team, she moved over to Client Support. Her experience in client facing leadership positions has given her a solid grounding for this role, and she is dedicated to effective and timeous resolution outcomes. She is also Bella’s mom, and a feisty vegan.

    Louis Ambrose
    Client Services Team Leader

    Louis finished a Business degree in Manchester in 2018, he has had a number of hospitality and leisure roles in the past, including one as a Ski Instructor in St Anton! During the warmer months he swims, cycles and runs, however his enjoyment of Cornish ales seems to hinder his performance!

    Liz Addison
    Quality Control

    Liz is a teacher who has taught kids from 12 to 60 years old in a variety of subjects.  For the past 18 years she has been more involved in organisational change, design and leadership.  She has a passion for gin, of all kinds, and the odd red wine, and she also has a soft spot for musical theatre.  As Liz is always involved in many different things, this type of work can be fitted in – usually at 6am which suits her!

    Iveta Webster
    Financial Co-ordinator

    Iveta Webster is Financial Controller for Proinsight. Iveta loves working with numbers and thrives on the detail required in accounting. She has three children, speaks four languages and relishes a DIY project. In her spare time (if there ever was such a thing!) she enjoys getting lost in a good book and taking a stroll out with her camera.

    Andy Kay
    Executive Director

    Andy’s strength is derived from a wealth of practical business experience and he is equally at home whether working with a self-funded start up or working alongside institutional investors.


    Mhairi FitzPatrick
    Executive Director

    After founding and selling two businesses in the leisure sector, Mhairi brings her operational and product development experience to expand Proinsight’s portfolio and help the team drive growth. Sports fan and food fan in equal measure she makes full use of London’s diverse restaurant scene

    Sally Marsh
    Research Manager

    Sally has worked for DC Leisure, Leisure Connection and GLL in various Research, Sales and Marketing roles. She heads up the research team, running various user, non-user and NB.

    Office Dog

    Bella is a South African dog living her best life in London. She is the Proinsight Mascot and guard dog! Dog treats can be sent to the Metal Box

    Our Mission

    To take our partners straight to the heart of their customers’ service experience by delivering exceptional mystery shopping, every job, every time, on time.

    Our Vision

    We transform customer experience, using insight gained through mystery shopping.