• Mystery Shopping your Customer Experience

  • Proinsight: The Leading Mystery Shopping Provider For The Health And Fitness Sector


    At Proinsight, we have experience working with businesses across a range of different industry sectors. We have carried out everything from retail audits to care home audits and our team of mystery shoppers have provided honest and constructive feedback about various interactions they have had with different businesses.


    One industry in particular that we have helped to improve customer experience over the years is the health and fitness sector. We have worked closely with industry giants like David Lloyd, Snap Fitness and Anytime Fitness, helping them stay competitive during this exciting period of growth in the fitness industry as more and more people invest in gym memberships. We are also a key partner in the UKActive awards, so we truly understand what is important to provide an outstanding user experience in this sector.


    How Proinsight can help businesses in the health and fitness sector


    In addition to offering traditional face-to-face mystery shop audits, which are one-off interactions with your business, we also offer member journey research services as well. This type of mystery shop is particularly advantageous for the health and fitness sector as many consumers investing in this sector will have numerous interactions with the same business.


    As the name suggests, member journey research involves auditing the whole customer journey and mystery shoppers will build a long-term relationship with a business. For example, a mystery shopper will join a gym and use their membership for a predetermined number of months before feeding back about their whole experience. They will provide detailed feedback about all aspects of their membership, the facilities and services offered, and also the interactions they have with members of staff. Their insight will be invaluable and it will help businesses understand what it is like to be a loyal member at their gym.


    Not only do we know how to get under the skin of businesses in the health and fitness sector, and provide them with an insight into their customer journey, but we also know what to do with the feedback provided by mystery shop audits. We can take the knowledge gained and help you boost your business growth, ensuring you have a good ROI on mystery shopping.


    The benefits of mystery shopping for gyms and health clubs


    Conducting mystery shopping is something that businesses across all industry sectors should do, but it is particularly useful for industries like the health and fitness sector that rely on consumers to pay a monthly membership. It is crucial in this industry to continuously deliver exceptional customer service otherwise you risk losing members. When your business needs members to return month after month in order to be profitable, mystery shop audits aren’t something that should be overlooked.


    By enlisting the help of the Proinsight team, you can make sure your members are satisfied with the overall experience you provide and they’re happy to continue paying for their membership. What’s more, by using services such as telephone mystery shop audits and social media mystery shop audits, you can ensure you’re doing all you can to attract new members too and that you’re making sure no part of your customer journey is letting you down. Ultimately, working alongside a mystery shopping company is a brilliant way to ensure your business remains successful, competitive, profitable and future-fit.


    Finding out more about mystery shop audits


    If your business falls into the health and fitness sector, and you think that mystery shop audits might be beneficial, be sure to get in touch with the Proinsight team today. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and we can provide you with the additional information you require about the mystery shopping process. On our website, you will also find more information about the customer experience and why it is so important.


    When it comes to choosing a mystery shopping provider, we can assure you that you will be in the very best hands when you turn to Proinsight. Our management team have held senior positions in David Lloyd, GLL, Parkwood, Everyone Active and Anytime Fitness, putting us in the best position to understand how you can improve your customer experience. Our mystery shop audits can be conducted in line with your unique requirements too and we will work closely with you to help you achieve your individual goals. We always create bespoke packages for our clients and you will be investing in the very best when you choose us to be your provider.