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  • The Benefits Of Becoming A Part-Time Secret Shopper  


    It isn’t uncommon for people to need to work more than one job these days and in addition to their main career, people will search for a part-time job on the side. Finding a part-time job where you can easily work around your existing schedule isn’t always easy though and your options can sometimes be quite limited. Thankfully, one job that is perfect for anyone looking for something part-time is becoming a secret shopper.   


    As you’re probably aware, a mystery shopper helps businesses improve their customer experience by essentially pretending to be a customer, interacting with the business and providing feedback on the service they’ve experienced first-hand. There really are so many benefits to becoming a secret shopper and it is a brilliant job to consider whatever your reasons may be for needing a part-time job, and here’s why;  


    The hours are really flexible  


    Unlike the vast majority of other part-time jobs, when you work with a mystery shopping company, you have complete control over your working hours. Whilst all of the assignments that you apply for will have visit and due dates that are essential to meet, you can carry out the assignment at a time that suits you. Working around your main job and your lifestyle couldn’t be easier, and you can still have a brilliant work-life balance too.  


    The work is incredibly versatile  


    When you start working as a secret shopper, you will probably be surprised by just how many different types of assignments there are to apply for. It is fair to say that no two days will be the same and one day you might be going to the gym or visiting a coffee shop, whereas the next you might be staying at a holiday park or popping into a clothing store. You definitely won’t get bored when you choose to become a part-time secret shopper.  


    The job will be rewarding  


    Not only does working with a mystery shopping company provide you with a great way to earn an additional income, but it also gives you the opportunity to make a real difference to local businesses. Being a secret shopper is really rewarding and the feedback that you provide on your assignments can be invaluable to businesses that are trying to improve their customer service and experience, and you can help them to be successful.  


    The amount you can earn is unlimited  


    Secret shopper jobs are slightly different from other part-time jobs in the sense that the amount you get paid will differ depending on the assignments you complete. You will always know how much you will get paid before you apply for an assignment and you will also know about any reimbursement allowances for required purchases. Due to the fact that you can work on multiple assignments at any one time, you can decide just how much you earn every month.  


    The role will always be required  


    More and more businesses are using mystery shopper services and many now realise just how important they are when it comes to improving their experience for their customers. So, unlike other part-time jobs that might only be seasonal, for example, you won’t ever struggle to get work as a secret shopper. When you work with a good mystery shopping company too, you will always have a steady stream of assignments to complete.  


    Becoming a secret shopper in London 


    Ultimately, there are lots of benefits to becoming a secret shopper and it is undeniably a brilliant part-time job to consider. It is easy to see why so many people are exploring the option to work with a mystery shopping company and if you’re currently looking for a new part-time job, it is worthwhile looking into this line of work in more detail. Should you be interested in becoming a secret shopper in London, visit the Proinsight website to find out more. 


    As a well-trusted mystery shopping company, we work with a number of businesses across a range of industries and we can provide you with lots of exciting secret shopper experiences. Simply register to become a Proinsight mystery shopper and apply for assignments near you to start your secret shopping career today. Of course, we will support you every step of the way and even if you’re completely new to mystery shopping, our Proinsight Academy will teach you everything you need to know to be the perfect secret shopper in London.  



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