• Mystery Shopping your Customer Experience

  • Member Journey Research

    Member journey research is the polar opposite of the more traditional known mystery shop where we would buy a coffee and a cupcake in a local cafe, for example. Think long-term relationship rather than, well, you know, a quickie (oo err). This is where we would embed a member within a subscription service for a predefined period of time and ask them to behave like a normal, regular member using all the features and benefits.
    A really good example of this is our recent work where our Mystery Shoppers have actually applied to join the British Army! A more ‘classic’ example is where our Mystery Shoppers have joined a gym, such as our client, David Lloyd, and used it for 3 months before feeding back on all aspects of their membership.
    All your mystery shop results and comments are also uploaded onto our state-of-the-art reporting platform feeding straight into your bespoke client dashboard.
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