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    Purchasing Covert Camera Equipment with Proinsight

    Payment Details

    You will need to make your purchase, in full, online at the Proinsight Shop.

    You’ll need to provide your billing address, delivery address and up to date email and mobile to the team so we can ensure our fulfilment and delivery company can get your item to you. Your order will not have been processed unless this payment has been received in full.

    We collect your payment via Worldpay, and you will receive an email receipt from them confirming the debited amount from your account. We accept all major debit and credit cards but not American Express. Your payment details will not be stored by us, they’ll only be used to make your purchase at that point in time.

    Postage Details

    Your item will be processed for postage immediately after your payment is made, we cannot cancel your order after this point. This will be picked and packaged by our friends at Fulfilment Crowd and posted out to the delivery address you’ve provided within 24 hours. Your payment details will not be passed onto Fulfilment Crowd, they will receive your delivery address, mobile number and email address so they can let you know how to track your parcel and contact you when it’s been dispatched and/or delivered.
    Your parcel will be with you within 5 working days of it being dispatched. If you have not received your product within 5 working days of payment please contact the Proinsight team with your order details at [email protected].

    Goods Details

    Your new covert smart watch camera has been sent to us from China, we store them here in the UK for you and pay for your dispatch within your item cost so that we can ensure it gets to you quickly and safely. Instruction on how to use the camera is provided in the package you receive, and we will also provide a Shopper Academy page on tips of how to set it us and use it.

    Please ensure you test the product as soon as it arrives to ensure you learn how to use it and that it is in good working order. We suggest just wearing it around the house for 30-60 minutes and watching back the video before using it on your first mystery shop (remember to delete it so you free up space!).

    There may be a micro SD card provided in your package, however it may not be 32GB. The Proinsight team have tried and tested this product multiple times and we suggest that you need at least a 32GB micro SD card to record 20-30-minute length videos, the best micro SD card to have is 64GD to ensure you get the full detail of recording. You’ll need to ensure you fit this into your new covert camera smart watch before using it. Proinsight cannot be held responsible if you lose footage so it’s important to ensure you have sufficient memory on your card as if it gets full up the next 10-minute loop recording will save over your first video that’s stored.

    Returns Information

    You will need to ensure that you test your product as soon as it arrives. Proinsight are notified of the delivery date of your product and will need to know within 7 calendar days if you think your camera is broken or not as expected. If more than 7 days have passed, we will not be able to investigate into returning your product or supplying you with a replacement. If any costs are incurred within a return (i.e postage back to the storage company and postage of a replacement item) this will be payable by you, the shopper.

    Your covert video camera will not be returnable if it has been used to complete a video mystery shop with Proinsight. As an example, if your camera arrives on Monday and you complete a video mystery shop and submit on the Thursday and then ask to return your camera on the Friday this return request will not be accepted.
    To request a return of your item within 7 days of receiving it you’ll need to email [email protected], your Programme Coordinator will be in touch to talk you through troubleshooting steps or our return process, if necessary.

    Your Responsibility as a Video Mystery Shopper

    You’re required as a Video Mystery Shopper to ensure that your footage does the following:

    • Not include any changing room or toilet area footage (this can be done by ensuring your camera lens is fully covered when entering these areas).
    • Has the entire length of your experience in one file, this will mean you’ll need to link your 10-minute clips together.
    • Features the staff member throughout the majority of the footage (is on focus to what you see), you’ll need to pay particular attention to this when wearing a Smart Watch Covert Camera and practice getting your camera ‘on focus’.
    • Has your video and audio aligned together. If the Proinsight team need to edit your footage on your behalf to adhere to the above, there will be a £5 deduction from your shopper fee.

    Please check our Shopper Agreement for full information on being a Video Mystery Shopper.

    Your Data Protection

    When purchasing a covert camera with Proinsight we will be taking the following data information from you, this will be in addition to the data we have in your registered shopper account. We’ve notified you about who this data will be shared with and for what reason.

    You can visit our Privacy Policy for full details here.

    • Your payment details, these will only be stored on our Worldpay platform and secure bank account and will not be distributed.
    • Your billing address, these will only be stored on our Worldpay platform and secure bank account and will not be distributed.
    • Your delivery address, email address and mobile number, these will be given to our fulfilment company ‘Fulfilment Crowd’ and stored securely on our portal with them.

    Should you have any questions about the above information please contact Proinsight at [email protected] or call 0203 0954954.