Why do research?

Market research is often needed to ensure that your company’s product and/or service, is what customers really want and not what you think they want. The attitude and perception that ex-customers, or potential customers, have of your company is equally important. Our research programmes will help develop your understanding of your organisation’s stakeholders and drive strategic decision for business growth.

Understanding your Customer

Competition in today’s consumer-led world has never been tougher.  We know that a deeper understanding of what the customers want, what potential customers are looking for and why ex-customers are leaving has never been more important. 

Understanding your Staff

Before a company expects loyalty from its customers it must have loyalty from its staff.  Clearer information about staff team morale, motivations and needs will help direct resources and training towards where it is most needed.


Proinsight provide NBS field research for a number of leisure Trusts and Local Authorities. We provide a cost effective solution, delivering your NBS field work while ensuring strict compliance to the Sport England NBS guidelines.

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Our research arm is ready to provide a variety of methodologies on the information collection and help analyse the findings.  Our advanced platform is setup to create the report standard you need to add to your business case, strategic white paper or even support an award application.

Field researchers on the ground can do face to face results gathering on:

  • Awareness surveys
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Exit Surveys

Using our platform we can also supply:

  • SMS surveys
  • Email surveys
  • Kiosk surveys
  • QR surveys
  • Social media comments

Data can be collected on or off line and uploaded at a later date.  The data held on a central platform for ease of analysis and reporting.

We can provide a comprehensive summary report either in soft or hard copy or both.  We can also present findings to the management team and manage the ideas workshop that follows.


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For a full quote and detailed research programme we just need 15 minutes to understand your needs then a member of our team will contact you with more details.

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