• Mystery Shopping your Customer Experience

  • Reason’s why you should be using mystery shopping 


    We’ve been running a series called why your business needs mystery shopping now more than ever giving you a selection of reasons that are especially relevant in today’s current climate coming out of lockdowns and into a post-Covid world.

    We’ve highlighted what are some of the key reasons why you should be using mystery shopping to help your recovery. You can use mystery shopping to measure

    any touchpoint that your customers’ have with your business. Whether that be from the first initial online impression right through to a video recorded face-to-face meeting, mystery shopping can be used anywhere.


    Here are a few our favourite reasons of why you should be using mystery shopping.


    1. We are all a little rusty – with many staff being furloughed it’s a great way to check your standards are where they should be.

    2. Consumer behaviours have changed – online has become a massive part of our experiences with companies, whether this be through virtual touchpoints to your social media presence. You need to check you’re nailing the experience your customers have

    3. Competition is bigger than ever – unfortunately the economy has taken a hit recently, so competition is fierce as ever. Mystery shopping can highlight areas to work on before it’s too late.

    4. Let the superstar’s shine – after a tough year recognising those in the business performing well is crucial for team morale.

    5. Franchise brand consistency – mystery shopping is a great way of seeing how your franchisees are representing your brand.

    6. Duty to keep the public safe – mystery shopping can highlight any non-Covid compliant procedures in your business.

    7. On-boarding new team members – with staff changing over the last year mystery shopping is a great way to check your new staff have been trained correctly.

    8. Measure new customer journey’s

    9. Feedback on UK on apps – the rise online has seen the rise of companies creating and using apps for their products or services. Mystery shopping can be used to test how well they work.

    10. Preventing the spread of Covid-19 – to ensure your staff are following the Covid measures set out.

    11. Measure/assess following any restructures – businesses may have streamlined, so mystery shopping can be used to assess how effective these changes have been.

    12. Objective point of view may highlight scope for improvement – a fresh set of eyes is always useful to offer any room improvement.

    13. Video mystery shopping is great for training – you can use the videos to train new staff members and current ones of the do’s and don’ts.

    14. Measuring compliance

    15. Measure the digital journey

    16. Investor relations – you can use the mystery shop reports to feedback to your investors about what’s going on the ground level of your business.

    17. Highlighting gaps in your customer journey

    18.Measure the speed of your digital response – speed is crucial in attaining sales, mystery shopping can be used to monitor your response times.

    19. To test a new product/service

    20. Recorded calls provide support for focused training


    If you want to learn more about how mystery shopping can help your business please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch!