• Mystery Shopping your Customer Experience

  • Every year, there are hundreds of awards ceremonies for different industry sectors and businesses all over the UK will come together to celebrate excellence. These awards are designed to recognise companies that are excelling and motivate others to continue innovating. If you’re a business owner, entering the awards in your industry is hugely beneficial and it’s something that’s always worthwhile doing.


    To improve your chances of winning an award, regardless of what category it falls under, it can be useful to work with a mystery shopping agency. Mystery shopping is advantageous to businesses from all sectors and it can help to improve your operations in more ways than you may initially realise. Below we have explored how mystery shopping services can help you to become an award-winning company.


    The benefits of winning business awards


    There are several benefits associated with winning awards and regardless of how time-consuming the process is, entering well-known awards is justifiable. Being announced as the winner of an award is an excellent way to get some exposure and whether you’re a new start-up or you’ve been operating for many years, this type of publicity is always beneficial. Having your business name mentioned on the awards company’s website and various other media outlets can boost brand awareness and provide several opportunities for your business.


    In addition to raising your profile, winning an award is a great way to prove to prospective customers just how good your products or services are. Being recognised as the best business in your industry is a huge achievement and something that customers will take into consideration when choosing which company they’d like to do business with. It also indicates that you’re a credible, trustworthy and hard-working business, and winning an award can help you to stand out from your competitors.


    Not only are customers more likely to choose your business when you’ve won an award, but you may notice a difference in-house too. This type of acknowledgement can have a big impact on employee morale and employees thrive when they’re recognised for their dedication. You may find that when you’re an award-winning company, your job vacancies attract top talent too and it will be easier to create a team that supports your business’s success.


    Using mystery shopping to increase your chances of winning


    It goes without saying that in order to win an award, you need to impress the judges and prove that you are the best business within the category. Simply put, your business needs to be better than the others and it’s beneficial to dedicate some time to improving business-critical areas, like customer experience, before you enter awards.


    Working with a mystery shopping agency is a tried and tested way to improve several aspects of your business, and it can be the key to becoming an award-winning company. Carrying out regular mystery shops will give you a better insight into how your business performs on a day-to-day basis and what your experience is like from a customer point of view. The feedback you receive from mystery shoppers can be a very useful tool and you can use this to make some changes to your operations. Not to mention, it can be incorporated into employee training to ensure you are focusing on the right points during training sessions.


    When you use mystery shopping services and the understanding they provide to help your business unlock its full potential, you stand a better chance of winning awards. You will be demonstrating a passion and commitment to your business, and the improvements you make can help you to stand out from the crowd. Providing exceptional customer service and a flawless customer journey won’t go unnoticed by judging panels.


    Find out more about UK mystery shopping


    If you’d like to find out more about working with a mystery shopping agency, our team at Proinsight will gladly answer any questions you may have. We know first-hand just how much of a difference mystery shopping can make when awards season comes around. We are a key partner in the ukactive awards, which are widely recognised as the industry’s most significant awards, and we have the knowledge required to help your business thrive.


    To find out more about the different mystery shopping services available, get in touch with us today or explore the rest of our website. We look forward to helping you become a successful, competitive and award-winning company.


    Proinsight & the ukactive awards


    ukactive is committed to improving the health of the nation by promoting active lifestyles and getting more people, more active, more often. For businesses in the health and fitness industry, the ukactive awards are very popular and every year, hundreds will enter with the hope of winning their category. The ukactive awards shine a light on outstanding achievements in the industry and honour the best of the best. So, as you may expect, there is a thorough judging process that is carried out by an independent panel of professionals.


    At Proinsight, we lead the judging process across different award categories and provide honest and objective feedback to help the judges choose the most deserving winners. Throughout the awards process, we assist with everything from organising customer satisfaction surveys to providing applicants with detailed insight reports.


    Of course, we also carry out mystery shops and we will conduct three mystery shops for each ‘Club/Centre of the Year’ finalist organisation to help with decision-making during stage 2 of the awards. With many years of experience, we know what to look for during mystery shops to help the judges determine which organisations are leading the way in the industry.


    Our team looks forward to the ukactive awards every year and we love working behind the scenes with the fantastic ukactive team to celebrate excellence in the health and fitness industry. We are always blown away by the passion and enthusiasm of the organisations in each category, and these awards are an amazing event to be a part of.