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  • We’re thrilled to announce a brand new partnership that’s set to elevate the customer experience at Liverpool Airport to new heights.

    Proinsight, renowned for its innovative mystery shopping solutions, is teaming up with Liverpool Airport to ensure that every traveler’s journey through the airport is nothing short of exceptional.

    We chose to partner with Proinsight because of its proven track record in the industry, and operationally they require very little support. In the long term we hope to identify opportunities for improvement so we can ensure all our passengers continue to have a great experience flying from Liverpool Airport.

    – Thomas Ratcliffe, Commercial Manager, Liverpool John Lennon Airport

    At Proinsight, we believe that every interaction counts, and this collaboration with Liverpool Airport embodies that ethos. Our tailored mystery shopping program will delve deep into every aspect of the airport experience, from check-in to departure gates, security procedures to retail outlets, and beyond. By meticulously assessing various touch points, we aim to deliver insights that will empower Liverpool Airport to refine its services and exceed customer expectations.


    At Liverpool Airport we take pride in our passenger experience and we’re always looking at ways to enhance this even further. Partnering with Proinsight allows us to be even closer to the passenger experience and will help us to ensure we retain our position as the Which? Best Airport in the UK as voted for by passengers.

    – Thomas Ratcliffe, Commercial Manager, Liverpool John Lennon Airport 

    What sets Proinsight apart is our commitment to precision and excellence. Our team of seasoned mystery shoppers are not only skilled evaluators but also passionate about delivering actionable feedback that drives tangible improvements. Through our partnership with Liverpool Airport, we’re dedicated to enhancing operational efficiency, optimizing customer satisfaction, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

    Liverpool Airport is more than just a transportation hub; it’s a gateway to unforgettable experiences and cherished memories. By joining forces with Proinsight, Liverpool Airport reaffirms its dedication to providing travellers with a seamless and enjoyable journey from start to finish.

    Meet Liverpool Airport’s Account Manager, Chloe…

    Chloe joined us as an Account Manager in August 2017. Prior to Proinsight, Chloe had worked as National Sales Manager for Parkwood Leisure and has vast experience in the leisure industry. She will be responsible for looking after many of our clients and helping them get the most out of their mystery shopping programmes. Her infectious laugh and quiet wit keep the office staff alive with anticipation.

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