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  • “What are the Proinsight Annual Shopper BAFTA Awards?”, we hear you say…

    In what had been an unparalleled year for its hardship, the Proinsight team wanted to pay tribute to our wonderful shoppers whom without, there would be no Proinsight. Our Mystery Shoppers year in, year out work so hard – they support our business and its team, are a huge factor to our successes, they believe in our Core Values and 2020 was no exception! In fact, the support, loyalty and hard work grew twofold.

    Whether it be a video mystery shop to a car dealership, a mystery telephone call to their local gym, support on our social media, an outstandingly written report getting 5*’s in our Shopper STARS Grading, a Google review or a touching conversation with one of their Programme Coordinator, each an every one of them deserved a medal! But, instead, the Proinsight Annual Shopper BAFTA Awards was born.

    Our Online Shopper Christmas Party took place with fun and games, but the important stuff was to follow where we’d announce our nominees and very worthy winners of 5 awards. And, my goodness! It did not disappoint. We had tears of joy, an abundance of cheers, many smiling faces and a very proud Proinsight team.

    So, without further ado, let’s get into it. The awards and nominees are…


    Award – STARS Shopper of the Year

    Nominees – Alistair M from Durham, Nimai V from London, Mark L from Portsmouth, Thomas B from Leicester and Alex B from Birmingham.

    Each and every report that our shoppers complete is validated by our Quality Control team to ensure it’s tip-top for the client. One of the most valuable parts of this process is our Shopper STARS grading which not only praises our shoppers for their hard work but also helps them develop as they begin to complete more and more mystery shops with Proinsight. STARS recognises Spelling & Grammar, Timeliness, Attachment Quality, Recall and Accuracy, and Storytelling. We know…we grill our shoppers hard!

    Our Quality Control team looked at our top shoppers scoring 4 or 5*’s throughout 2020 and set about nominating the shopper that they believed to have the best STARS performance throughout the year.

    WINNER – Alex B from Birmingham 

    Rosemary from our Quality Control team said: “Alex has pretty much faultless writing. It’s full and interesting, perceptive, and tells a ‘juicystory.” Alex is a 5* shopper with us and since joining us in June 2018 he has completed over 30 mystery shops and tries extremely hard to ensure top marks in all areas of STARS. Well done Alex!


    Award – PC (Programme Coordinator) Shopper of the Year

    Nominees – Kimberly M from Oxfordshire, Jonathan HP from London, Maxine B from Warwickshire, Siobhan R from Oxfordshire and Humza M from London.

    Each of our Programme Coordinators work with 100’s of shoppers every month so this is a very tricky award to give. We had to title an absolute superstar shopper and the nominees have all done tremendous jobs in 2020. You should all be very proud! To title this worthy winner we took into consideration, not just the amount of mystery shops completed, but work ethic, survey write-ups, shopper communication and lots more.

    The winner of this award completes video mystery shops, telephone mystery shops, physical visits and will travel many miles to help support the Proinsight team. You name it, she’s there.

    WINNER – Siobhan R from Oxfordshire

    Siobhan’s reaction to her award was just truly magical and spoke a thousand words as to why it was awarded. She said “oh guys, you’ve made my year! You wait until Glen (her partner) gets home!”, moments like that we’ll cherish forever.

    Siobhan is there for us and will do everything she can to ensure our clients receive an outstandingly informative report. Having been with us for over 3 years completing a staggering 1300 mystery shops, having been on Radio 5 Live during the height of lockdown 1.0 to talk about making money as a Mystery Shopper with Pronsight, we think she’s the bee’s knees. She really is someone we can trust and is on speed dial whenever we’re in need of help.

    You’ve said it yourself, Siobhan… “cut you in half and you’d see ‘Proinsight’ down the middle”.

    Our Managing Director, David said “Siobhan is awesome, a perfect selection for this award. She embodies the Proinsight Core Values so well. Not just me, but the Programme Coordinators, Quality Controllers and whole team think the world of Siobhan. Thank you for your hard work for our little business.”

    Check out Siobhan’s reaction below:

    Award – Most Improved

    Nominees – Ruth P from Market Harborough, Carl P from Hemel Hempstead, Martin W from Cornwall, Ross W from Worcester and Nimai V from London.

    Winner Most Improved

    We mentioned our Shopper STARS Grading above, and this grading structure is how we selected our next winner. We’re not all born Mystery Shoppers (Siobhan above seemingly is!) and sometimes it takes practice, guidance, coaching and a lot of perseverance to become a Pro shopper. All of which the nominees for this award have shown.

    The above shoppers have used our Proinsight Academy, the feedback they’ve received from the Quality Control team, our social media forums and guidance from their Programme Coordinator to take their STARS grading higher and higher as the year progressed, therefore meaning that they’re more likely to have their mystery shop opportunity applications approved.

    Our winner’s words of acceptance were: “Thanks to the fabulous Proinsight team for giving me the ‘most improved’ award is 2020. I feel honoured to accept this as I have been working hard with the coordinators and the QC team to improve my report writing so that the client receives the very best insights. I’ve also been very impressed with the personal contact I have had with the team who can answer any questions I have, Can’t wait to do more work in the future with Proinsight!”

    WINNER -Nimai V from London

    Working with you has been an absolute pleasure, Nimai. Your willingness to want to improve is wonderful, thank you!


    Award – Top Shopper 2020

    Nominees – Richard B from Glastonbury, Carl P from Hemel Hempstead, Russell W from Essex, Siobhan R from Oxfordshire and Maxine B from Warwickshire.

    They say “it’s a numbers game” and this award doesn’t break that rule. The Top Shopper award is simply the shopper that has completed the most mystery shops for us in the year. This award takesTop Shopper some dedication and isn’t for the fainthearted. It needs an organised mind and the ability to travel far and wide because of course, we can’t send a mystery shopper back to the same place month after month (the clue is in the ‘mystery’!).

    WINNER -Carl P from Hemel Hempstead 

    Carl was nominated for two awards in our Proinsight Annual Shopper BAFTA’s. He joined the Proinsight shopper team in March 2018 but has really put his foot to the metal in the past 1-2 years and since finishing studying by picking up 100’s of jobs for us. Think of the aliases this guy must have! Whether it be digital mystery shops, gym visits, even staying overnight in The British Army barracks to become a soldier as a Mystery Shopper, Carl is always up to the challenge!

    Our Head of Operations, Hannah said “Carl is so dedicated to the assignments he is given, his resilience is extraordinary. He won’t mind me saying that he didn’t start off as the ‘perfect’ shopper but after months of hard work and the ability to take on feedback from the Quality Control team, he has flourished. The Proinsight team enjoy working with you and really do appreciate your hard work, thank you, Carl. A very well deserved award!”


    That’s a wrap!

    So, although 2020 was a tough year, we loved ending it on a high with our Mystery Shoppers by congratulating them for their successes. If we’ve learnt anything at all in 2020, it’s that Zoom (other group video products are available) has brought us all together, and together we’re better. We’ll get back to our face to face shopper events in London as soon as we can but we’ll most certainly continue to be connected with you online.

    We’d like to say a huge thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all of our shoppers for your passion, hard work and commitment. We really are so very grateful! We’ll be holding another Proinsight Annual Shopper BAFTA Awards just before Christmas 2021 with the same awards and new winners. Who knows, you could be a winner next year. We’ve got lots of ideas about how we can make the 2021 celebrations even better than 2020, so do keep your eyes peeled for the invite.

    If you haven’t yet registered to become a Mystery Shopper, please click here to join the team.

    Here’s to another year of Pro mystery shopping!