• Mystery Shopping your Customer Experience

  • How Can I Become a Video Mystery Shopper?

    All you need to become a Video Mystery Shopper here at Proinsight is a covert camera.

    Video Mystery Shopping is becoming ever more popular with many of our clients moving towards this style of mystery shops as it not only gives them the shopper insight but also the footage and audio can be used for training purposes and for the management to see how their teams are doing.

    Our Ops team realised that becoming a Video Mystery Shopper wasn’t viable for a lot of our Pro Shoppers. Either, because they couldn’t afford the £400-£500 equipment that is the ‘norm’, they could afford it, but then lived in sparse areas where it would be almost impossible to earn your money back, or they were time poor and couldn’t complete lots of mystery shops so it would take a long time to breakeven.

    The Solution

    Back in 2019, the team set out to find a solution for the issues our shoppers faced. Across a 3 month period, we purchased lots of covert video recording, tested them here in the office and out in the field to see which would be the best (taking into account battery life, storage, covert-ness(!), and price). We decided that the Covert Camera Smart Watch above was the best choice.

    Whilst we will all still agree that for a full-time Video Mystery Shopper that is completing multiple lengthy video shops per day that the Lawmate PV500 remains the best choice we think that this lovely little gadget makes a great starting point or addition for our shoppers.

    Our covert camera smartwatch runs on a looped system that will record in 10-minute clips that can be linked together before attaching to your Proinsight survey. The cost you see includes posting and packages to any UK or Northern Ireland address and will usually arrive within 5-7 days of purchase. The tested battery life whilst recording audio and visual is 90 minutes from fully charged and the product comes with a portable charger that you can take out on the job with you! Your purchase does not include the micro SD card you will need to record and save your footage, you’ll need a 32GB micro SD card.

    How do I get my hands on a Covert Watch Camera?

    It couldn’t be easier, head over to The Proinsight Shop, and get your Covert Camera today! Once you purchase for just £59.99 one of the Pro Team will be in touch to talk you through the process of applying and completing Video Mystery Shops.

    Don’t miss out!