• Mystery Shopping your Customer Experience

  • Proinsight vs. Zombies

    The Proinsight team had a lucky escape on Friday, as we had to endure flesh-eating hordes and abusive soldiers in The Generation of Z, a live zombie theatre experience, and managed to make it through traumatised but unscathed. Entering into a dingy underground bunker with the gates secured behind us, the outcome did not appear promising for the team, especially when a group of aggressive soldiers informed us that hundreds of the undead surrounded them, and the way out was dark and treacherous…

    After several hair-raising encounters, including a run-in with a mad scientist and his zombie wife on a leash, the team regrouped for one final run through a field of flesh-eaters, where it was every man for himself. We came out the other side lucky to have our lives, and we celebrated our victory by taking a few selfies with the zombies (or gremlins, as Dave called them). It was a great experience, and proved that not even a zombie apocalypse could stop us from coming to the office on Monday and chasing up our mystery shoppers!