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    Assessing Attitudes Towards Social Distancing

    Proinsight’s MD, David Hopkins discusses how the high street has been affected by Covid-19 and the many rules and regulations which have come into play over the last couple months. He goes on to highlight a study we conducted throughout summer where we asked some of our mystery shoppers crucial questions regarding their confidence towards various sectors and their approach to issues such as PPE, sanitiser being freely available and general safety.

    Has Mystery Shopping Changed?

    Whilst the process of shopping has changed, mystery shopping has not. It provides genuine, objective insight into how businesses are really adapting to the new world, from customer experience through to staff adherence to government guidelines. Franchisees can evaluate answers, pinpoint service gaps in customer experience, and crucially, do something about it. At a micro level, this means franchisees can earn the consumers’ trust, build consumer confidence and protect their brand. At a macro level, it means that franchisees can contribute to the broader aim of attracting people back to the high street whilst supporting crucial health objectives.

    A recent survey undertaken by here at Proinsight in partnership with the Mystery Shopping Professionals Association highlighted just how important it is to adapt during COVID. Some 3,200 mystery shoppers took part to evaluate the four strands of COVID guidance: sanitation, signage, transmission and personal protective equipment (PPE). Respondents were asked about their feeling of safety to complete the transaction and likelihood to recommend the place they visited.

    On the final strand of COVID-19 guidance, it was deemed that 37% of automotive dealers were failing to provide their staff PPE, possibly highlighting that automotive dealers would find PPE obstructive to the sales process. This was followed by 27% of food and beverage outlets.

    The “New Normal’?

    It is a time of great uncertainty for all franchisees and the truth is, it is difficult to know precisely where consumer confidence will be in 12 days let alone 12 weeks or 12 months. But we do know that at some point in the future a new ‘new normal’ will appear.

    The key thing for franchisees until that time is agility. To understand the symbiotic relationship between customer experience, new societal safety expectations, and broader consumer confidence. Then to invest in gathering information so as to be able to take data-led decisions to protect brand value and maintain levels of customer experience based on identified gaps. The more franchisees who do this, the more franchisees will help define what the next ‘new normal’ will be, whilst helping overcome the epidemic of consumer confidence currently gripping the UK.

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