• Mystery Shopping your Customer Experience

  • Following a turbulent year Proinsight are proud to be partnering with Haulfryn providing a mystery shopping to provide insights on their sales process. The holiday home sector within the UK has seen a massive spike in demand due to restrictions changing people’s plans.

    Haulfryn have built holiday and residential resorts across the UK in the most picturesque locations and along the most gorgeous coastlines, it’s well worth checking out their website.

    The Sales and Enablement Trainer & Coach Elliott Varnam has said “Following the enforced lockdown, and the subsequent high demand for UK holiday homes, we wanted to gain insight into the customer journey from initial enquiry through to becoming an owner, ensuring our sales teams exude best practice and focus on that journey with a potential customer. The mystery shop programme was also used to highlight development opportunities for all our Sales Executives.

    Following a consultation with Ben at Proinsight, we developed a questioning and scoring matrix and designed customer briefs to ensure the mystery shop programme provided the insight and development information required to improve the Sales Executives and the overall customer journey.

    Wave one is now complete, and Proinsight have provided Haulfryn with detailed information and data, which proved critical to the improvements required across all of our holiday and residential resorts. Proinsight have been very easy to work with and have clearly communicated throughout the programme through to a successful completion of wave one.

    We are now in discussions to fine tune the programme ahead of wave two.”