• Mystery Shopping your Customer Experience

  • Proinsight partner with Gong cha

    Gong cha set out to deliver an experience which values quality, integrity and innovation, therefore mystery shopping their customer experience is crucial to ensure these values are met. Proinsight are proud to be the chosen partners for this growing brand and will provide a monthly mystery shop programme that captures insights from the moment a customer approaches a Gong cha store. 

    Who are Gong cha ?

    With nearly 1,700 stores worldwide and rapid growth plans in the UK, Gong cha are set to become one of the best-known providers of quality bubble tea. 

    Transformation Director, Ahmet Baristiran told us why it’s so important to launch a mystery shopping programme in the early stages of Gong cha’s growth in the UK: ‘The UK is a very important growth market for us and we’re extremely excited to partner with Proinsight. We pride ourselves on the high level of training received by our tea masters. Our mystery shopper programme will help us ensure that we give our customers the perfect experience through inviting stores, excellent customer service and the best tasting drinks, every time in every store’