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  • The Proinsight Benchmark Report October 2014

    By now you should have received the first edition of The Proinsight Benchmark Report. Why is this relevant? Well, because we are passionate about customer service and passionate about being successful, this report is aimed at telling the commercial story of membership sales through data and real experiences.

    By providing benchmark data and including some expert opinion alongside the data, we want to help all our client companies to raise the bar in every aspect of the prospective customer’s journey.

    The new Proinsight Benchmark Score™ gives an overall indication of the quality of the sales process but here at Proinsight we don’t stop there. By examining in detail the individual metrics that contribute to the score, we can start to help you measure initiatives aimed at improving performance. Tweaking those metrics will in turn improve commercial performance.

    The report also has a featured Case Study. Only made possible by the openness from one of our clients, we show how focused intervention can positively affect commercial results.

    Everybody knows about seasonality in the health and leisure world but seeing this laid out in graphical illustration on one of the most impactful pages of the report brings home when and what we need to work on to make our industry more successful.

    If you have not yet received a copy of the Proinsight Benchmark Report please email David on [email protected].

    Proinsight Benchmark Report