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    Positive Change

    Since we burst onto the scene in 2014, Proinsight has been on a mission to spice up the customer journey, adding a little pizzazz to our clients’ lives. But hey, we don’t stop at just being fabulous mystery shopping experts. We’ve got a soft spot for the planet too! 

    So, after getting some serious inspo from our pals over at Love Recruitment (www.loverecruitmentgroup.com) and Sir David Attenborough’s Netflix extravaganza ‘A Life on Our Planet’, we decided to join forces with the eco-warriors at Ecologi. These folks are all about reforesting, renewable energy, and offsetting carbon—total game-changers! 

    Here’s the deal: every time you dive into a physical mystery shop with Proinsight, we’ll slap a big ol’ smile on Mother Nature’s face by planting a tree in Madagascar. Yep, you read that right! Madagascar, a place that’s seen mass deforestation. We’re talking about a devastating 90% rainforest loss.  

    So, when you come onboard with us at Proinsight! Not only will you get the VIP treatment in the mystery shopping realm, but you’ll also become a proud parent of a tree. Now, that’s what we call shopping with a leafy twist!  

    Let’s make our planet pop with green, one fabulous tree at a time. 


    Over 1,000 Trees Planted


    50 Tonnes of CO2e Avoided


    1 Year of Climate Action

    Over 1,000 Trees Planted

    Healthy trees sequester CO2, making them climate champions from the moment they’re planted. They also help to restore healthy ecosystems, sequestering and storing even more carbon in soils and plant biomass, as well as boosting biodiversity.

    Reforestation projects provide co-benefits for local people which can promote employment, gender equality, new income streams, more diverse food sources to support a healthier diet, and improved community facilities.

    50 Tonnes of CO2e Avoided

    While the biggest impact you can make is to reduce your own emissions, carbon avoidance projects all provide complementary climate solutions to prevent greenhouse gas emissions, restore nature, and support local communities. Supporting these projects allows you to compensate for your remaining, unavoidable emissions.

    1 Year of Climate Action

    At Proinsight we are very proud of being involved in this, we believe if you can help, you should, so we do. In actual fact, when you work Proinsight you also help, so take a bow and thank you for all you do to help in the fight against climent change, we’re in this together!

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