• Mystery Shopping your Customer Experience

  • Our People

    Our team

    Our team are as diverse and exciting as our mystery shops and, without blowing their trumpets too much, they’re all awesome. We believe that our team needs to have practical operational experience in business as well as being fantastic, vibrant human beings. This means we really do get the challenges our clients face because we’ve been there and done it ourselves.

    Business Support

    David Hopkins

    Founder & Managing Director

    Andy Morris

    Head of Finance

    Carolyn Dilena

    HR Manager & Business Support Executive

    Client Success

    Chloe Kinch

    Director of Client Success

    Ruth Lynch

    Senior Client Success Manager

    Josie Osbourne

    Account Manager

    Insights & Business Intelligence

    Jill Spencer

    Director of Business Intelligence

    Fern Cunnell

    Senior Insights Manager

    Natalia Lim

    Senior Insights Manager

    Rachel Norris

    Insight Executive

    Sophie Stokes

    Insight Executive

    Tim Collett

    Insight Executive


    Hannah Weekes

    Director of Operations and International Partnerships

    Nicky Barrell

    International Partnerships Manager

    Samantha Masters

    Operations Manager – Cirencester

    Hugh Davies

    Project Manager

    Chelsea Cololo

    Project Manager

    Ayo Olamousi

    Project Manager

    Claire Wallace

    Programme Coordinator

    Diane Morgan

    Programme Coordinator

    Jules Steele

    Programme Coordinator

    Our Mission

    To take our partners straight to the heart of their customers’ service experience by delivering exceptional mystery shopping, every job, every time, on time.

    Our Vision

    We transform customer experience, using insight gained through mystery shopping.
    Core Values