ProInsight mystery shopping for Mandarin Stone

Mandarin Stone was founded in 1989 and supplied predominantly tile shops and distributors until the first showroom was opened in Bath back in 2000. Nearly 20 years later, there are 10 inspirational showrooms throughout the UK. The collection has grown considerably over the years, from tried & tested favourites to the most innovative and exciting wall and floor surfaces on the UK market.

Mandarin Stone remains very much a family-run business with the headquarters still situated in the rolling hills of Monmouthshire, Wales. Now with a workforce of over 140, every single member plays a vital role, from those behind the scenes to the knowledgeable technical and sales teams at front of house. The aim has always been to provide the best possible advice to the customers in combination with competitive pricing.

With this in mind, ProInsight were approached to provide a mystery shopping programme in all Mandarin Stone showrooms over the next 12 months.