• Mystery Shopping your Customer Experience

  • New year, new developments at Proinsight!


    Proinsight wishes all clients, shoppers and friends of the company a happy new year, and as we enter into 2015, we have implemented some changes to our communications for shoppers and clients. This way, we can make keeping in contact with the people who work with us even more efficient than before. To this end, we have set up two new email addresses.

    For all client communications, we will be using the email [email protected], and for all communications with our mystery shoppers, we will be using [email protected]. We hope that, by using these email accounts, those who work with us will have their queries answered more swiftly and efficiently, as all members of our team will have access to and be able to see in one place all new communications as they come in. To aid this process, please direct any enquiries from now on to the appropriate email address above.