• Mystery Shopping your Customer Experience

  • Here at Proinsight we promote a positive, competitive and fun filled environment! As a Mystery Shopping company, we have strong relations with many fitness and active lifestyle clients, this only strengthens our passion for being active.

    Using Myzone, we set up an internal challenge called, The Real Meal Deal Challenge, that went on for 1 month! The goal was simple, the individual to have achieved the highest points within this 1-month period wins! Whilst the prize is a meal deal from everyone who contributed 0 points, it is a great way to promote an active lifestyle within work. Myzone rewards consistency, consistently receiving points is the true way of making your way to the top of the leader board! Every day we should all participate in some form of exercise and Myzone challenges are a great way to promote this!

    The winner of our “The Real Meal Deal Challenge. “Is none other than our Senior Programme Co Ordinator, George Hudson, who has recently introduced regular exercise within his working day! He has truly championed the cycle to work scheme, claiming that the morning exercise invigorates him and gets him prepared for the day!

    We have many more challenges yet to come! Currently we have our office split into teams, named after seasons, we have held a poll on our Facebook group asking shoppers what season they believe is the best! 

    And now we have a challenge “What Season is the best?!” where each of our office members will actively represent their given season! This challenge ends on the 31st of October and the prize is yet still a mystery!