Why do it?

Mystery shopping takes you straight to the front line customer experience.  Using our trained mystery shoppers, each visit is scheduled and the mystery shop results and comments are uploaded onto the reporting platform that feed straight into a bespoke client dashboard. Add our Proinsight Action Planning™ tool and your closed loop mystery shopping programme will make an instant impact with prioritised action.  Mystery shopping improves your business through intelligent insight. 

Quickly leading to:

  • Improved service levels
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Better staff engagement
  • Bigger market share and more profit

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How to Do it

  • Email enquiry- How is your organisation responding to online requests?
  • Telephone enquiry- How is your organisation dealing with incoming telephone calls?
  • Person to Person – How is your staff team dealing with your customers face to face?
  • Video technology – Why not see it with your own eyes using our discreet recording service?

Closing the Loop

Proinsight Action Planning™ closes the loop on mystery shopping. Our unique system automates the first stage of intervention by generating an immediate action plan for your organisation. This action plan is sent directly to your management team which means they can start to fix things straight away. Everything is visible on the Action Plan Dashboard so you can track progress and make sure your team has started to address priority issues.


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