• Mystery Shopping your Customer Experience

  • Using Competitor Shops To Improve Your Flexible Workspace Solutions


    The pandemic has had a huge impact on commercial landlords and the majority of organisations are moving away from traditional long-term leased offices. More so than ever before, flexibility is considered to be essential when it comes to workspaces and lots of organisations are choosing to rent serviced offices or use co-working spaces rather than more conventional alternatives.


    Due to the significant increase in demand, the flexible workspace market is incredibly competitive these days and there are lots of serviced office providers and business centres for organisations to choose from. To ensure that you’re not being overlooked, it is incredibly important that you’re remaining relevant and competitive when you rent serviced offices or co-working spaces. Thankfully, a mystery shopping company can help you to do so and using competitor shop services you can improve your flexible workspace solutions.


    Get a useful insight into your competitors


    As the name suggests, a competitor shop service involves a mystery shopper interacting with your direct competitors and feeding back to you about their experience. Whether they visit your competitor’s serviced offices or call your competitors to find out more about their co-working spaces, for example, mystery shoppers can provide you with a useful insight into what your competitors are doing well and what they’re not so great at.


    The feedback provided by a mystery shopper will help you to better understand why organisations might turn to your competitors for the flexible workspace solutions they need, and this knowledge will put you in a better position to assess your own services. Similarly, learning more about what your competitors aren’t doing well will enable you to highlight your strengths and ensure that you’re promoting these to any prospective clients.


    Ultimately, any information that you can learn from the interactions mystery shoppers have with your competitors will be incredibly useful. In addition to any recent market research you have done, this information will help you to ensure that you’re staying competitive.


    Drive strategic decisions for your business


    The feedback that you receive from mystery shoppers can be used to make effective changes to your business, both now and in the future, ensuring that you’re not getting left behind. What’s more, it will help you to make sure that you have a competitive edge, which is essential if you want to be successful in a saturated market. When using the insight you get in the right way, you can change the future of your business for the better.


    For many organisations, when they’re choosing a flexible workspace they will look at more than just the price of the solutions provided. Whilst it is undeniably important to ensure that your prices are in line with the rest of the market, providing outstanding customer service and an exemplary experience to clients is vital if you want to win their business. Both your UX and CX can help you to stand out from the crowd for all of the right reasons.


    As more and more organisations are looking for flexible workspace solutions, now is the ideal time to make worthwhile changes to your business, ensuring that you’re able to meet the needs and requirements of these organisations. Implementing new ideas inspired by the feedback provided by a mystery shopper can help you to make sure that you’re not being beaten by your competitors should anyone be directly comparing your services.


    Enlisting the help of a mystery shopping company


    When you offer flexible workspace solutions, whether this may be private serviced offices or shared co-working spaces, it is undeniably beneficial to use competitor shop services. A mystery shopping company can help you to improve your business at a time when it matters most, preventing you from losing contracts to your competitors. Simply, the more proactive you are in remaining relevant and competitive as the market becomes more saturated, the better.


    Should you be looking for a mystery shopping company that can provide you with a range of mystery shopping services that will be advantageous to your business, be sure to contact us here at Proinsight. We are proud to be one of the best mystery shopping companies in the UK and we are a trusted partner to businesses across a vast range of industry sectors. Regardless of which flexible workspaces you provide, we can create a bespoke package that suits your individual mystery shopping needs. We really are experts at getting under the skin of our client’s businesses and you will be in the best hands when you enlist our help.