• Mystery Shopping your Customer Experience

  • “My work experience week at Proinsight” – by Tom Kay

    At 15 years of age, this week has been my first real insight into what working for a company has to offer, and now on my final day at Proinsight I can confidently say that it has been a really positive experience. I engaged in a wide range of different aspects we have here at Proinsight including the Business Development area, Programme Coordination, research, and also was able to go to the fantastic Health and Fitness event, Elevate which really opened my eyes onto how connected the business world is.


    The Team

    What really struck me when I had my first day on Monday and that developed throughout the week is how hard working this team is, and that the work ethic of every single team member is incredible. Despite their hard work, the guys also give a real positive vibe in the office which made the whole experience really enjoyable for me to work in. During my work experience I wanted to get on with as many jobs as I could so that I could add some value onto the team, and I know that in other companies people like me may have become neglected and given jobs like making cups of tea, or sweeping the floor of the office – a valuable part of the job I know, but not the most exciting. However, at Proinsight it’s been the complete opposite. Everybody has been really engaged to help give me the best possible insight into what working at Proinsight consists of, whether it was being present at sales meetings or completing applications for Proinsight’s mystery shops.


    Elevate Exhibition


    On the Wednesday of my week at Proinsight, I was lucky enough to go to the Elevate exhibition at the ExCel Exhibition centre in London with the Business Development Team and I got involved in a lot of interesting activities. A fantastic show of the revolutionary products and services in the health and fitness industry and lots of meetings with possible new clients meant that the day was jam-packed! That day, I realised how connected Proinsight is to other influential businesses out there and really enjoyed meeting some brilliant characters in the fitness industry, it was a really great experience and I have learnt a lot about the business world from that day alone.


    The Work


    Over the course of the week, I found myself doing a wide variety of different jobs that I managed to engage in and complete to a good standard, including updating this website with new photos, and descriptions. I worked on accepting applications for Mystery Shoppers, which involved contacting them and discussing the job with them and completed ExCel documents to help the company reach out to other mystery shopping brands across Europe. I’ve done research into how our social media platforms can branch out Proinsight’s network even more, attended important sales meetings with clients and attended a brilliant exhibition. I can safely say it’s been an exhausting but extremely valuable week. Coming into central London every day to work for great people is most definitely the best way I could have done my work experience.