• Mystery Shopping your Customer Experience

  • Snap Fitness partnered with Proinsight back in 2017 to deliver a mystery shopping programme consisting of digital enquiries, telephone calls and club tours back when they had 26 clubs across the UK.  

    4 years on, an additional 49 clubs, joining forces with 9Round and an incredible improvement of 15% on their mystery shop scores, Lift Brands continue to put mystery shopping and delivering great customer experience at the heart of their franchise.  

    Learning and Operations Manager, Paul Stephenson highlighted the importance of measuring the experience delivered through a variety of their channels: “Our continuous relationship with Proinsight has allowed us to establish, develop and maintain a high level of customer service throughout our growing network at Snap Fitness and 9Round. 

    Our members’ journey begins at the point of their initial enquiry; therefore, we believe it is fundamental to mystery shop at every step of the way. Our partnership with Proinsight has enabled us to do this whilst allowing us to identify our key areas of strength and development. “