• Mystery Shopping your Customer Experience

  • Key Highlights of Proinsight Client Talkback Survey


    Our Client Talkback Survey, completed during February and March of this year, yielded some very interesting findings. A good number of questionnaires, in the form of online surveys, were completed, and we thank those clients who took part and hope they enjoyed their Starbucks vouchers! The questions were designed to gauge the level of satisfaction that our clients have with the services Proinsight offers, and here are a few of the enlightening pieces of insight we gained:

    • A lower than expected 56% of clients who participated in the survey received the Proinsight Annual Benchmark Report, but after learning this we made sure these Reports were sent out to the remaining 44%.
    • Over half of those surveyed who received the Proinsight Annual Benchmark Report stated that they did not want any changes made or new topics covered in the 2015 edition; this indicates a good level of satisfaction. Some of the suggestions received for this question include “Greater market segmentation of the sector” and the role of “Technology” and its “likely course of impact”.
    • 78% of those surveyed stated that they did not have any suggestions for improving the current service levels Proinsight delivers – this suggests that the majority of our clients are happy with the current service levels. Some suggestions offered were “regular update of consolidated/historic reports every month”“more planned meetings to discuss further research” and “faster responses when raising queries”, although the client did mention that the situation had improved since dealing with Anna, our Head of Client Services and Research.
    • When we asked those surveyed if there are any other types of consumer insight that they would like Proinsight to offer, 38% answered ‘Yes’, with 4 respondents mentioning Market Place Awareness – this has been duly noted!
    • We have achieved an NPS Score of +39, which is a good result. However, we are determined for this score to rise even higher this year, and this will be achieved first and foremost by taking on board feedback from our clients. The suggestions most frequently offered in the survey responses were “Developing better lines of communication” and providing “More regular feedback.

    Overall, we are very pleased with the results of the Client Talkback Survey, as they show that levels of satisfaction are high. However, suggestions for ways we can improve are highly valued, and we are pleased that this survey gives our clients a platform from which to express their true feelings. Thank you again to all those who took part – we can assure that your feedback will lead to positive changes!

    If you want to find out more about the mystery shopping and market research services that Proinsight can offer your company, please contact us at [email protected].