• Mystery Shopping your Customer Experience

  • Are you truly ready and confident in your plans for ‘Golden Quarter‘?, or have you started prepping yet?

    If you just got chills thinking about the craziness of the new year, we can help.

    Picture this: a sweaty, exhilarating gym session, but for your business. How, you ask? The answer is as clear as a perfectly toned bicep—it’s time to embrace mystery shopping! And unlike the empty promise of a short-term fitness programme – we can deliver results in 10 weeks.  

    Now, we know what you’re thinking. Mystery shopping? For a fitness facility? We say yes, absolutely!  

    You see, just like that last rep, mystery shopping pushes your business to its limits, helping you grow and sculpt it into a lean, mean profit machine. 

    The Mystery Behind Mystery Shopping 🕵️‍♂️ 


    Mystery shopping is not about spying on your staff—think of it as your undercover business partner. It involves sending industry-experienced shoppers to evaluate your gym’s customer experience, cleanliness, staff performance, and overall operations. It’s the ultimate fitness regimen for your business, and here’s why: 

    1. 1. Spot Weak Spots, Then Squat Them Away


    Think of mystery shopping as your magnifying glass to find any sneaky cobwebs or dust bunnies hiding in the corners of your fitness facility. Those dusty corners might be turning away potential customers faster than you can say “burpee.” 


    We provide mystery shopping reports highlighting overlooked areas for improvement, with our guidance you’ll know exactly where to direct your business mop and broom, giving your gym a fresh and inviting vibe. 


    1. 2. Identify Trainer Talents


    Are your trainers lifting up your clients’ spirits as much as they’re lifting weights? Mystery shopping will evaluate your staff’s performance, ensuring they’re providing the stellar service your clients deserve. 

    Knowing what your trainers excel at, and where they might need a ‘spotter’ for improvement can enhance your training programs and make your fitness center the go-to for every gym aficionado in town. 


    1. 3. Become the Customer’s Fitness Fantasy


    Imagine creating an experience so amazing that your customers become gym superheroes, boasting about their workout sessions like they’ve just saved the world. Mystery shopping helps you do just that. 


    By identifying areas where your fitness center can elevate its service, you can design a workout haven that’ll have your clients sprinting back for more—and maybe even doing a celebratory cartwheel! 

    Gearing Up for the Golden Quarter: Timing is Everything  


    Ah, the ‘Golden Quarter,’ that glorious time when everyone’s motivated to shape up for the holiday season. People are ready to invest in fitness classes, gym memberships, and that shiny new pair of yoga pants they’ve been eyeing. But are they eyeing your fitness business? 

    Now’s the time to get your act together and position your gym as the go-to destination for all things fitness. Don’t wait until December! 

    Here’s what it will look like when you start your program with us in November: 

    Week 1-2:

    We will spend the first few weeks understanding your business objectives and looking at the pain points in your customer journey, which will enable us scope out and implement your perfect program 

    Week 3-8:

    Like a test run before the big race, we carefully navigate our initial assignment to ensure we’re all set for the marathon ahead. Your pilot program will begin, and we will be with you every step of the way, ensuring your brief and questionnaire are reflective of your goals. 

    Week 8+:

    After a thorough review of the pilot’s results, we are committed to making any essential adjustments to ensure you receive actionable insights every month, empowering your business to thrive, expand, and achieve its full potential.  

    So, it’s time to incorporate mystery shopping into your fitness regimen today. And remember, in the gym business, the only thing scarier than a ‘burpee’ is missing out on the gain mystery shopping can bring! Find out how other businesses have levelled up using our services.