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  • What is International Women’s Day?  

    We all know it’s a day where we see an increase in female faces posted on LinkedIn profiles to highlight the successful women they have within the business. But what does it really mean?


    Upon searching the world wide web for the history behind it and the true meaning; a simple explanation stood out ‘Gender equality today, for a sustainable tomorrow’.  


    This reminded us of an interview we recently listened to with Mo Gawdat, former Chief Business Officer for Google X and author of the book Solve for Happy who stated: “Societies biggest failure is that by encouraging women to fight for equality we force women to be more masculine.” 


    He continued to suggest that we should be empowering women to embrace the feminine traits*; nurture, intuition, creativity, and empathy. 


    By bringing these qualities to our all our professional lives, we can better collaborate, overcome more challenges, and create amazing things. And this links back clearly to the purpose of International Women’s Day. 


    So today, we want to express our gratitude to the women who make Proinsight a better business by standing strong by what they believe in, caring for one another, and bringing innovative ideas to the table:


    To the 23,000 women in our mystery shopper community who relay their thoughts and feelings within their mystery shop reports which helps drive better service for all our clients.


    To the female Programme Coordinators in our office who bring passion, drive, and joy every day. 

    The ladies who make up 71% of our Quality Control team for consistently driving the highest detailed reports to delight our clients. 


    And finally, Proinsight’s management team who are always seeking creative new ways to improve the way we work. 


    To all women who are showing up every day as their authentic selves, you are the creators of our ‘sustainable tomorrow’


    *(masculine and feminine traits are not referring to man and woman, these are traits that are correlated to the masculine and feminine.)