• Mystery Shopping your Customer Experience

  • Whilst undoubtedly you know that completed mystery shop reports are emailed directly to you, did you know that all of the data that is collected is stored on the Proinsight Portal?

    As a client, you will have full access to this powerful tool that collects and collates data, allowing you to run insightful reports that can help you improve the experience that your customers have.

    We will create you a user account and can customise the homepage to suit your brand. On the homepage you will see an overview of the performance to date and a handful of summaries that will begin to outline some trends.

    The different areas of the portal can be seen along the top, each of which offer a range of insights that will be useful for various people within your organisation. Perhaps the most valuable tool that will be at your disposal is the ‘Reports Portal’. Here, you have a multitude of predefined reports that you can view at the click of a button. Equally, if you are looking for something more specific, you will be able to filter the data that is being inputted to refine the output. An example of which might be to view a report for a specific region or even an individual location.

    Each report offers a different insight and a brief description can be seen by hovering over the title, along with a snippet of what it will look like. You are also able to choose what file format you would like to view the report in. A useful example could be to find out how the locations that you are having mystery shopped rank against each other, in other words, a league table.

    If you feel that you would like to dive deeper into the data in search of more trends which cannot be found in the ‘Reports Portal’, then ‘Customisable Reporting’ would be the place to look. Here you will be able to further specify how you would like to analyse the data. A commonly used example could be to see how (or if) the performance of your locations differs with the day of the week, or even the time of day.


    Not only will the Proinsight Portal allow you to store all your historical data in one, easy to access and easy to use place. You will also find that as time goes on and more and more data is collected, it becomes an increasingly valuable tool. The insights that you will find can be used as evidence to drive strategical changes to help address trends, positive or negative and as such, result in your customers enjoying a better experience.

    If you would like to further benefit from your relationship with us, then please contact your account manager, or email [email protected] and we will show you more about the Proinsight Portal.