• Mystery Shopping your Customer Experience

  • Industries That Benefit From Mystery Shopper Services 


    It isn’t uncommon for lots of businesses here in the UK to have never considered using a mystery shopper service and this is often because they assume that they aren’t suitable for their industry. The vast majority of people think that these services are just for the retail industry and all mystery shopping assignments involve going into a store and browsing before purchasing an item, but this really isn’t the case.  


    Mystery shopper services are actually incredibly vast and they can benefit a wide range of different businesses in a number of ways. No matter what industry sector you fall under, it is highly likely that these services will help you to better understand your unique customer journey and improve your position in the marketplace. So, if you’re wondering whether they’re suitable for you, below is a list of different industries that should consider using mystery shopper services.  


    Hospitality industry  


    Whether you own a formal dining restaurant, a takeaway food service, a small cafe or even a coffee shop, you can benefit from mystery shopper services. The hospitality industry is one of the largest economic contributors and it can be incredibly competitive, but working with a mystery shopper can help you to ensure that you consistently deliver exemplary services. 


    Entertainment industry  


    It goes without saying that providing an exceptional user experience in the entertainment industry is essential and, for this reason, mystery shopper service can be beneficial across the whole industry. From bowling alleys to interactive museums, a mystery shopper can help you to improve business-critical areas such as customer service and satisfaction. 


    Healthcare industry 


    Even essentials business in the healthcare industry can still learn a lot by arranging for regular mystery shopping assignments to be undertaken. Primarily, the services provided by experienced mystery shopping companies will provide first-hand unbiased feedback about a patient’s experience of your services and facilities, which can be invaluable.  


    Transport industry  


    There are a number of mystery shopper services that are also undoubtedly beneficial for those in the transport industry, from airports to car manufacturers. Many within this industry sector are looking for new ways to deliver award-winning service to their customers and the information provided by professional mystery shoppers can be incredibly helpful in this regard.  


    Fitness industry  


    Around ⅙ of the population in the UK has a gym membership and the number of new fitness facilities opening is increasing year on year. Surprisingly to some, the fitness industry can also get a lot out of using mystery shopper services and it will give health and fitness operators a much better insight into their user experience and how they can improve this.  


    Housing industry   


    Whilst the businesses found in the housing industry are incredibly varied, many of them can learn a lot about their customer journey by working with mystery shopper companies. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an estate agent, property management company or even a handyman or plumber, the many different services available to you can benefit you greatly.  


    Education industry  


    There are a number of different educational establishments here in the UK and even though they all provide very different user experiences, they can still benefit from mystery shopper services and projects. Many expect a lot from the education industry and as a whole, it is continually trying to better itself to meet the demands and expectations of the public.  


    Using mystery shopper services in the UK  


    Ultimately, whilst lots of people assume that mystery shopping companies are only able to assist businesses in retail, this really isn’t the case. All of the different industries mentioned above will find these services just as advantageous as those in the retail industry do. So, no matter what industry sector your business falls under, it is undeniably worthwhile considering using mystery shopper services.  


    When searching for a company that offers mystery shopper services in the UK, be sure to visit the Proinsight website. We pride ourselves on being able to assist CEOs in a vast range of industry sectors by getting under the skin of their business to really understand what’s good and what’s not so great. We also have the knowledge required to help you use this information to build and grow your business. So, if you have any questions at all about our mystery shopper services in the UK, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team today.