• Mystery Shopping your Customer Experience

  • In this digital day and age, having a website is considered to be essential for all businesses. Digital marketing is so important nowadays and without an online presence, you risk losing a number of customers to your competitors.  


    In addition to displaying information about your business and the services you offer on your website, you should ensure that you’re providing visitors with a way to get in touch with you. It is very common for businesses to have ‘contact us’ pages with enquiry forms for visitors to fill in and these are a brilliant way to get new leads via your website. However, it is essential that you’re responding to these forms in the best possible way.  


    Thankfully, a mystery shopping company can provide you with mystery shopping services like online mystery shopping to help you ensure your online communication is efficient and effective. Below we have explored how a mystery shopper can assist you in more detail.  


    Why is online communication important? 


    How you communicate with your customers has always been important and it is essential to ensure that your online communication isn’t letting you down. When you’re quick to respond to your customers’ enquiries and you’re answering their queries to the best of your ability, you can build a positive brand reputation. You will also be showing your existing customers, and any prospective customers, that they’re important to you and you value their time and interest.  


    How you communicate with website visitors will give them an insight into what it would be like to work with your company too. So, it is essential that you’re being helpful and accommodating, otherwise, you risk losing prospective customers to your competitors.  


    As you may expect, not being able to get in touch with a business will be really off-putting to a customer and many like to know that if they have a query at any stage of the buying process they can speak to a member of your team. Therefore, having an enquiry form that isn’t just for show and responding to your customers in an efficient manner is absolutely essential. 


    How can mystery shopping help you improve communication? 


    When you work with a mystery shopping company, you can get some honest and constructive feedback about your online communication. Mystery shoppers can provide you with short, quick and easy mystery shops whereby they complete the enquiry form on your website. They can then provide you with feedback on things such as; how easy your enquiry form was to find on your website, how straightforward it was to complete the form, how long they waited for a response from your team and how useful the response they received was.  


    Using the information provided to you by a mystery shopper, you can make some changes to your website and your enquiry response process, ensuring that you’re impressing prospective customers from the outset. The easier you can make it for your customers to contact you and the more efficient and effective your responses are, the more likely you will be to both win over new customers and retain existing customers.  


    Ultimately, a mystery shopper can help you to understand how well your website enquiry process is performing through their first-hand experience. The useful insight they provide you with will be invaluable and improving your online communication can positively affect your ongoing success. It has never been more important to make sure that you’re contactable and that the process of getting in touch with your business is straightforward.  


    Trying mystery shopping in the UK  


    If you’re interested in learning more about online mystery shopping, feel free to get in touch with our team at Proinsight. We know just how beneficial mystery shopping can be for businesses in a range of different industry sectors and we can help you to improve your customer experience too. With many years of experience behind us providing mystery shopping in the UK, we’re experts at getting under the skin of our client’s businesses and helping them unlock it’s potential. There is no denying that mystery shopping is one of the most useful ways to understand how well your business is doing and the objective feedback you receive can help you ensure that you’re thriving in all aspects, including online communication.