• Mystery Shopping your Customer Experience

  • No matter what industry sector your company falls under, it is fair to say that having a good reputation is essential to your success. Simply put, your reputation is the beliefs or opinions that are generally held about your company and thankfully, you have the power to influence these beliefs and opinions. So, it is possible to ensure that your company has a good reputation and that you’re reaping the many benefits associated with this.   

    When it comes to improving your reputation, using mystery shopping services is arguably one of the best things that you can do. From face-to-face mystery shopping to social media mystery shopping, the many different services provided by an experienced mystery shopper can help you to ensure that you’re not hindering your own reputation and making it more difficult to achieve your company’s goals. Below we have looked into 3 big ways you can improve your reputation with mystery shopping services.  


    Ensure your customer service is exemplary  


    Customer service influences an unsurprisingly high percentage of customers’ decisions to stick with a brand or to turn to a competitor. Whether it is good or bad, customer service never goes unnoticed and customers will share their experience of your company with others. For this reason, it is essential that your customer service doesn’t disappoint and that negative word of mouth or online reviews aren’t tainting your reputation.  

    By working with a mystery shopper, you will receive an honest insight into the level of service provided by your company. This will enable you to make any required changes to ensure that all future customers receive the best service, encouraging them to not only return to you time and time again, but to also share their positive experiences which will, in turn, boost your reputation. 


    Correct any communication downfalls  


    Every single interaction that a customer has with your company will influence their overall opinion of your company. Whether a customer messages you via your social media channels, sends you an email or picks up the telephone to call you, making sure that your response and ongoing communication is speedy, polite and professional is essential, and this will help to ensure that your company is always perceived in the right way.   

    When you use mystery shopping services, you will receive useful feedback regarding various interactions with your company. Using this feedback you can then ensure that the communication via every method used to contact your company is in line with your brand, promoting a good relationship with your customers and also contributing to a positive reputation. 


    Enhance the whole customer experience 


    Customer experience is crucial to building an emotional connection with your customers and ensuring that they genuinely feel as though you care about them as an individual. This is vital to both attracting and retaining the right types of customers and preventing losing your target market to your closest competitors. So, you should be going above and beyond to ensure that you’re delivering in every way that you promised you would.   

    The services provided by a mystery shopper will look into your overall customer experience and assess the journey experienced by those investing in your products and services. By bringing to light things you may have previously been unaware of, you can then ensure that you’re standing out from your competitors for all of the right reasons and your reputation is helping you to do so.  


    Using mystery shopping services for the first time  


    Ultimately, the various mystery shopper services available nowadays really can make a huge difference to your company’s reputation and working with a reliable mystery shopping company might be the key to your success. You can guarantee that the insight that a mystery shopper is able to provide you will be invaluable and it will help to ensure that beliefs and opinions people have about your company are nothing but positive.   

    To find out more about the relevant mystery shopping services for your specific industry sector, be sure to get in touch with our expert team here at Proinsight. We have worked with an incredibly vast range of companies in the past and we offer a number of specialisms to help our clients, so you won’t ever have to question our expertise. Should you wish to go ahead and use mystery shopping services, we can create a bespoke package that suits your company and that is effectively able to improve your reputation along with your position in the marketplace.