• Mystery Shopping your Customer Experience

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    We have some fantastic news to share from one of our valued partners, Westway Sport & Fitness (WSF).

    On the completion of the second user satisfaction survey, which is completed on a bi-annual basis across the Trusts two Sports & Fitness facilities, WSF have seen their NPS (Net Promoter Score) increase by +17 over just a six month period.

    Proinsight delivered the independent survey by contacting active users of their facilities, asking questions that have helped to provide the WSF management team with clear action points and recommendations, to increase user satisfaction. NPS helps to distinguish how likely your users are to recommend your service to a family member or friend/colleague.

    By understanding why some people continue to use your service, it can improve your understanding of how to reach out to ex-customers, appeal to new audiences and importantly hold onto current ones.


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