• Mystery Shopping your Customer Experience

  • How to Use Mystery Shoppers to Improve Your Business 


    Ensuring that both existing and potential customers have a positive experience with your brand is essential to them becoming repeat customers and also recommending your business to others too. So, it goes without saying that customer satisfaction plays a vital role in business success and, for this reason, a vast number of businesses will continually work hard to improve their customer service. 


    Nowadays, one of the best ways to stay up-to-date with what your customers think of your business and the experience you provide is to use mystery shoppers. There are a number of different mystery shopping services available and they can all be incredibly useful to businesses from all industry sectors. If you’re wondering how you can use mystery shoppers to improve your business, keep reading today.  


    Get an insight into your customer journey  


    Whether you use face-to-faceonline, telephone or social media mystery shopping services, they will all help you to understand what your customers really experience when they turn to your business. These services will all provide you with reliable, honest and objective feedback from the customer’s perspective which is invaluable.  


    Knowing both the good and the bad about your customer journey will help you to make any required changes to all aspects of your business and, in turn, ensure that you’re providing an exemplary experience for all customers. You can guarantee that the insight you get will really help you to understand the nuts and bolts below the surface. 


    Evaluate your employees’ performance 


    Due to the fact that for the vast majority the customer service they received influences their decision to stick with a brand, it is undeniably important to know that your employees are providing nothing but an industry-leading standard of service. Thankfully, mystery shopping services will help you to evaluate your employees’ performance fairly and honestly.  


    Every single engagement customers have with your business is important and mystery shoppers can provide key information about employees’ professionalism, knowledge, helpfulness and integrity during the interaction they have. You can then take this information and praise those who are excelling and provide training to those who need support.  


    Analyse your direct competition  


    Mystery shopping isn’t just about getting under the skin of your own brand to improve your customer journey and experience, it is also about evaluating your competition and using your findings to your advantage. With the help of competitor mystery shopping services, you can ensure that you’re not losing customers to other businesses.  


    Simply put, by going into your competitor’s stores, interacting with them online and speaking to them on the phone, you can get helpful insight into what they’re doing well and what is missing. Not only will this help you to see your own shortfalls, but it will also help you to understand what sets you apart too. Ultimately, it will enable you to be that little bit more competitive.  


    Stay relevant within the market  


    Another integral part of business success is staying relevant and mystery shopping companies can help with this too. By conducting market research, their team will provide you with the information you need to ensure that you’re providing the products/services that your customers are actually looking for rather than what you think they’re looking for.  


    Not only will the knowledge you get from market research help you to make any required changes to your products/services, but it will also help develop your understanding of your organisation’s stakeholders and drive strategic decisions for business growth. By researching and analysing your business and the market in greater depth, you can learn so much.  


    Using mystery shopping in the UK  


    There is no denying that there really are a number of different ways you can use mystery shoppers to improve your business. All of the services provided by mystery shopping companies can make a huge difference to the success of your business and it is fair to say that the information and insider knowledge you will receive when working with a mystery shopper will help you to evolve and grow your business over time. 


    If you would like to find out more about mystery shopping in the UK and the services that are available to you, please visit the Proinsight website. We are experts in getting under the skin of the businesses that choose to work with us and we really can help you to understand the good and the not so great. We have a vast range of experience and have worked with businesses in a number of different industries, and we will gladly assist you further in any way we can to help your business unlock its potential.