• Mystery Shopping your Customer Experience

  •  With the cost of living still rising, lots of people are worried about being able to pay their bills this winter and even after cutting back on their expenses, many are struggling to make ends meet. More so than in years gone by, people are searching for ways they can make an extra income and they are looking for part-time, flexible jobs they can fit into their busy schedules.  


    Mystery shopper jobs are perfect for anyone worried about their rising bills. Our Proinsight team is working hard to provide as many mystery shopping opportunities as possible throughout the UK for our shoppers and signing up to become part of our team can help you to earn some extra money in 2023. Below we have looked into mystery shopper jobs in more detail. 


    Different types of mystery shops  


    There is such a wide variety of mystery shopping services available these days and when you’re working as a mystery shopper, no two days will be the same. From traditional face-to-face mystery shops where you visit businesses in person to telephone mystery shops where you call businesses from the comfort of your own home, mystery shopper jobs can be extremely varied and there are lots of different assignments to apply for. With so many ways to interact with a business nowadays, mystery shopping is more diverse than ever before.  


    When working as a mystery shopper, you will interact with businesses from a huge range of industries too and you may have the opportunity to experience things you’ve never done before, all whilst getting paid. Not only is being a mystery shopper really rewarding, but it’s also exciting and you never know where your next assignment will take you.  


    For many, mystery shopping is a great way to make some extra money as you can work in your free time. You can easily fit your mystery shopping assignments into your busy lifestyle and you won’t have to compromise on any other personal or professional responsibilities. Becoming a mystery shopper is a convenient way to get an extra income during this challenging time.  


    Earning some extra cash  


    You can earn as much as you want when working as a mystery shopper and it will be up to you how many assignments you complete. Some of our mystery shoppers make £10 a month and others make £1000, and this type of work can help you to make ends meet. You will be paid promptly every month for the assignments you complete, however not all assignments will have the same shopper fee and depending on what the shop entails, some will pay more than others.  


    Commonly, the longer a mystery shopping assignment will take you, the more you will get paid and you will be able to view the shopper fee before deciding which assignments to apply for. You can generally expect mystery shopping to pay more than things such as online paid surveys and they will be worth your time. At this financially difficult time, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to determine which assignments will be most financially rewarding and we make it clear whether there are any reimbursement allowances for purchases required too.  


    Saving money on day-to-day expenses 


    In addition to providing you with some extra income to help you pay your bills, mystery shopping can even help you to save some money too. There is a chance you could get paid to do the things you usually do throughout the week, such as going to a coffee shop or working out at the gym. You could also get your coffee or gym membership paid for by a mystery shopping company, so you can spend your hard-earned money on other more important things without missing out on the little things in life that bring you joy.  


    Applying for mystery shopper jobs 


    At Proinsight, we understand that this is a very challenging time for people and if you would like to become a mystery shopper, you can register quickly and easily on our website today. If you’re looking for some money-saving tips to help you make your money go further this winter, below we have put together a list of great money-saving websites to take a look at; 



    Other mystery shopping companies 


    If you’re currently comparing different mystery shopper jobs and you’re wondering which company you should work with, it’s advisable to look at the MSPA website. This is the representative Trade Association for companies in the mystery shopping industry and you can trust that member companies are considered to be some of the best to work for. You can find a list of mystery shopping companies that had Elite Member Status in 2022 here.  


    When researching different mystery shopping companies, it’s worthwhile looking into the following Elite Members of the MSPA;