• Mystery Shopping your Customer Experience

  • How Proinsight can independently measure staff satisfaction

    Thirty Seven Degrees (TSD) have two award winning luxury gyms in both Olympia and Tower Bridge, London. Proinsight are pleased to be running an innovative insight program in partnership with TSD, working across their consumer service delivery standards.

    A crucial aspect that dictates the consumer journey will be down to the staff involved, who will also be surveyed in order to acquire insight of their own happiness, role, training, line manager, value, motivation levels, company values and Net Promoter Score. We are now about to initiate the second staff satisfaction survey, meaning interesting comparisons can be made with the robust and actionable results from the first staff survey.

    All results will be securely stored on the bespoke Proinsight platform, available 24/7 in ‘real time’ to Thirty Seven Degrees senior management.

    By understanding that every organisation is unique in its structure and objectives, a bespoke method is collectively deduced in line with our clients’ requirements. This ensures that what essential groups really have to say, is uncovered in a cost/time effective manner, with actionable findings.

    Do get in touch if you feel we could help your business.