• Mystery Shopping your Customer Experience

  • How Car Dealerships Can Benefit From Mystery Shopping Services 


    More often than not, when people think of mystery shopping services, they will think of the retail industry including clothing or food stores, but these days, these services are advantageous to a number of different industries. From entertainment and hospitality industries through to fitness and healthcare industries, an incredibly vast range of businesses really can benefit from working alongside an experienced mystery shopping company.  


    If you own a car dealership, then you may have never even thought about using a mystery shopper, but the versatile insights that they provide really can be helpful to you. Car sales mystery shopping can make a huge difference to your business success and it is undeniably worthwhile looking into further. If you’re interested in automotive mystery shopping as a whole and you’re wondering how it can benefit you, keep reading today.  


    See your customer journey from the customer’s perspective 


    From the moment a customer walks into your showroom through to when they drive their new vehicle off the forecourt, every single interaction that they have with your business will make up their customer journey. The more you know about this, the more you can do to improve it and a mystery shopper can help you to gain a much better understanding of this journey. 


    Simply put, when deciding whether or not to purchase a vehicle from your car dealership, customers will look beyond the vehicle itself and the journey you provide will directly influence their decision. Therefore, ensuring your customer experience is flawless is essential to your success.  


    Receive honest feedback about your customer service  


    It is fair to say that customer service is everything nowadays and customers really do expect to receive nothing less than perfect service, especially if they’re going to be handing over a large sum of money. Automotive mystery shopping services will provide you with the honest feedback you need to ensure your customer service is exemplary.  


    Starting with their online enquiry to receiving that follow up telephone phone call, mystery shoppers can open your eyes to situations where your customer service may be lacking, enabling you to make any required changes to ensure you’re not disappointing your customers. 


    Ensure all employees are going above and beyond 


    As mentioned above, your dealership as a whole and the experience customers have with your staff will impact their decision to buy, so knowing that every member of your team is going above and beyond to please is essential. A mystery shopping service can help you to assess your employees’ performance and understand any missed sales opportunities.  


    Say you’d like to test the knowledge of your employees in relation to your finance options, for example, a mystery shopper can help you to do so. You can then implement extra sales skills training, if needed, to ensure that every customer enquiry turns into a successful and profitable transaction for your business.  


    Learn more about your direct competitors  


    Many don’t realise, but in addition to traditional sales mystery shopping services, specialist companies can also help you to better understand both the current market and your local competitors too. By undertaking market research and going to competitor automotive dealerships, you can ensure that you’re armed with the knowledge you need to be successful. 


    These other mystery shopping services are just as invaluable as any face-to-face or video mystery shopping services and they really can help you to better your own customer service and be that little bit more competitive, ensuring that you don’t get overlooked or forgotten as time goes on.  


    Finding an agency that provides car dealer mystery shopping services  


    Ultimately, mystery shopping services can benefit the automotive industry as much as they can any other industry that has been using these specialist services for many years now. So, if you own a car dealership, then it is undeniably worthwhile reaching out to a mystery shopping agency to find out more about how they can help you to increase customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, and generally be more successful.  


    If you would like to find out more about how mystery shopping services work, please feel free to contact us here at Proinsight today. We pride ourselves on being a reliable agency who get under the skin of your business to understand your needs and how mystery shopping can have only a positive impact for you. 

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