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  • In the dynamic world of customer service, The Hertsmere stands out as a shining example of excellence. Renowned for its commitment to providing a top-notch experience, the club has implemented a mystery shopping program that not only enriches the customer experience but also elevates staff performance. 

    The Hertsmere goes above and beyond in catering to diverse preferences and abilities by offering a wide range of facilities. So, at Proinsight, we employ a variety of styles to comprehensively evaluate the range of services available, which allows us to provide insightful feedback that empowers golf clubs to enhance their overall member and guest experiences across various facilities. 

    We spoke to James Chandler, Sales & Marketing Manager at The Hertsmere about their program, and here’s what he had to say:  

    How Did Feedback Impact Customer Experience? 


    At the heart of The Hertsmere’s mystery shopping program is a dedication to continuous improvement.  

    “It highlighted exactly where our digital communication shortfalls were. From this, we changed our email structure in order to hit all points, immediately improving our message to our prospective customer”

    This proactive approach not only ensures customer satisfaction but also fosters a culture of responsiveness that keeps members and visitors coming back for more. 

    How Did Mystery Shopper Feedback Impact Staff Performance? 


    The Hertsmere recognizes that the performance of its staff directly influences the quality of service provided.  

    “We conducted 1:1 training with our team, focusing on upselling and membership sales knowledge topics highlighted from a poor mystery shopping score. Within 2 hours of that training, one of the guys upsold 2 memberships to the club!” 

    By celebrating successes and addressing areas for improvement, the program acts as a catalyst for continuous learning and growth. Staff members are empowered to refine their skills, ensuring that every interaction with customers is not only professional but also memorable. This focus on staff development creates a positive feedback loop, where satisfied employees contribute to an enhanced customer experience. 

    How would you rate the communication and support you received from our team at Proinsight? 


    “Very good, a few months into the program we wanted to introduce extra checks, as well as changing some of the questions as they may be mis-understood. These were changed immediately and put into action for the following month.”

    “Whether it’s golf, or any other facility, I would recommend Proinsight to evaluate what’s happening within your business. I’ve worked with other mystery shopping companies, and they don’t go into the same detail that Proinsight provides.”

    The Hertsmere stands as inspiration, showcasing how a well-executed mystery shopping program can elevate customer satisfaction and employee performance by offering a diverse range of programs, leveraging feedback to improve customer experience, and using mystery shopper insights to enhance staff performance. The club has no doubt established itself as a leader in the industry.  



    Meet Ben, The Hertsmere’s Account Manager:

    Ben joined us as an Account Manager in November 2022 – this is his second stint with the Proinsight team and he comes back with sales experience from the SaaS industry. In his spare time you’ll find him playing all sorts of sports but primarily spends his time on football pitches across London.

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