• Mystery Shopping your Customer Experience

  • Everything You Need To Know About Mystery Shopping 

    When you own a business, there are a number of different tools available to help you improve your unique customer journey and ensure that you’re continually providing the exemplary products and services that you’re known for. Arguably, some of the best tools available are mystery shopping services and they are fairly unique in the fact that they can give you an honest, non-biased insight into how your business runs.  

    Even though there are a number of benefits to using the services provided by professional mystery shopping companies and many businesses owe their success to mystery shoppers, it isn’t uncommon for CEOs to overlook them. So, to help anyone who is intrigued to find out more in this regard, below are all of the basics you need to know. 

    What is mystery shopping? 

    Simply put, mystery shopping is a method that is used by businesses to help them better understand their customer journey. Whilst there are different mystery shopping services available, the vast majority have the same outcome; to provide honest and objective feedback to businesses about everything from their employees to their services.  

    It isn’t uncommon for mystery shopping to also be used to help conduct market research and many businesses use the services provided by mystery shoppers to gather specific information about their market and/or their competitors

    Which industries can benefit from working with mystery shoppers? 

    More often than not, people associate mystery shopping with the retail industry and whilst it is commonly used by retail store owners, it is actually able to assist a vast range of businesses in different industries as well.  

    You can expect industries such as leisure and entertainmenthospitality and restaurantsfitness and wellbeinghealthcare and care homes and also housing and building services to all use mystery shopper services. So, they are much more versatile than people assume.  

    What different mystery shopping services are available? 

    As mentioned above, there are a number of different mystery shopping services, but the most well-known if probably face-to-face mystery shopping. As the name suggests, this involves a mystery shopper physically coming into your business disguised as a normal customer. 

    Nowadays, there are a number of different services that can be equally as beneficial as face-to-face mystery shopping, if not more so, including; 

    It isn’t uncommon for CEOs to use a number of different services to provide them with an insight into all important areas of their business.  

    What does a mystery shopper actually do? 

    Depending on the assignment given to a mystery shopper their job may differ slightly but generally speaking, they will interact with your business in the same way any other customer would but after doing so, they will provide you with feedback on their experience.  

    Ultimately, it is a mystery shopper’s job to give businesses the invaluable insight that they are looking for.  

    Why should you work with mystery shoppers? 

    Whilst many CEOs will send members of their team to check on their business locations, they very rarely get an accurate insight into what things are like on a daily basis. Often, members of staff will be on their best behaviour ensuring that everything is being completed by the book, so you don’t actually get to experience what your customers usually do.  

    Mystery shoppers are unknown and they come into your business the same way any other customer would, so they won’t receive any special treatment. The fact that they will experience what the vast majority of other people do when they walk through your doors makes their feedback incredibly useful.  

    Working with mystery shoppers across the UK

    Hopefully, you will now know a little bit more about mystery shopping in general. It goes without saying that it is easy to see why so many businesses benefit greatly from working with mystery shoppers and as a CEO, it is undeniably worthwhile considering using the services they provide yourself. You can guarantee that you would never regret reaching out to a mystery shopping company for assistance.  

    When searching for a company that has mystery shoppers across the UK, be sure to contact us here at Proinsight. We work alongside a vast range of businesses throughout the UK to provide them with mystery shopping services that are suitable for both their individual needs and desired outcomes. If you’d like to find out more about our mystery shoppers, please get in touch with our friendly team today, they will gladly assist you further.